Best and Effective Tips To Increase Sale on Flipkart

Flipkart is Bengaluru based Indian e-commerce Company; it was established by two people named Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007.  Like Amazon, the company was selling books in its initial. After it, Flipkart broaded its horizon and added many product categories such as consumer electronics, fashion, and lifestyle products.

The competitor of Flipkart in India is Amzon’s Indian subsidiary and Indian company Snapdeal. As per one report, Flipkart has 39.5% market share in India’s e-commerce industry. Flipkart is prominent seller in apparel, electronics and mobiles. The company is competing with Amazon India almost in every product categories. People has good trust in Flipkart. Near 30, 000 employees are working in the company and its subsidiaries are,, Phonepe, Ekart, Jeeves and 2GUD. The CEO of the company is Kalyan Krishamurthy.

Now in this post, we will discuss how to increase sale on Flipkart. Most of you people tried to sale your products on Flipkart, some may end up failure to get success. You need tricks and tips with hard work. In this cutting edge competition, you need to equip with some good strategies to hike your sale on e-commerce sites. Flipkart is user and merchant friendly website. It allows you to sell your product at large scale. You can expend your business as per your dreams. But you should know proper procedure to work with Flipkart. So Triople has written this post to help those people, who want to increase their sale on Flipkart. Let’s start with very useful tips:

Here are some tips:

  1. Listing of Products: Listing of many products may be helpful step to boost your sale on Flipkart. List many products. By listing more products, you enhance your chances of getting more orders. It would better if you touch different categories, as it helps to get you know which is better for you.
  2. Choose Best Catalog: If you are listing items which are not seen in Flipkart catalog, make it sure to have the best product catalog with best quality pictures. Pictures will attract the consumers to get knowledge about the product.
  3. Make Customers feel secure: Make customer feel secure, people do not trust only ads and listing products. People are a big fan of case studies. People believe mouth to mouth talk rather than reading reviews. When your cousin says that he has purchased the best quality woofers just on INR 3500, you will get a feeling of security to buy it. People often scare from online scams before experience of shopping on the reputed sites.
  4. Sale products at competitive prices: Try to buy products at cheaper prices so you can sell at competitive rates. Reasonable price is the major factor in generating more sales
  5. Don’t think about profit in starting: If you are selling your own brand, you need to be very careful about profit. Remember Less Profit High Sale and High Profit Less Sale. Follow this rule in starting of your business on Flipkart. But in future after getting more orders, take reasonable profits. This may be very beneficial for you.
  6. Rating is very important: Be careful about seller ratings from the beginning. Better the ratings directly mean more orders.
  7. Shipment on time : Always ship the products in time and never miss any shipment. Don’t delay in shipment. Make it sure to sell best quality products to avoid any returns and it will help you to make your good reputation in online market.
  8. Finding Trending product – Find trending products to sell on Flipkart. If you want to sell in the toy category, find the latest trending toys.
  9. Attractive Packaging: Pack the products with attractive and safe packaging material. It will avoid the damage of products in transit.
  10. Product Keyword – Keywords are those words that are searched by the customers. This is the most important factor. Use those keywords that are very common in use in public. Customer’s search should match with your keywords. For example, you are selling Peacock feathers on Flipkart, you have to feed keywords such as morepankh, morpankh, mayurpankh too. Otherwise you may end up loss of some customers who don’t know English of morepankh. Because, most of customers use their regional language in search; so focus on Hindi words too.
  11. Read and Research: Read the Indian mentality and research about it. People prefer Guaranteed, Affordable products with attractive cash back and Customer Support.
  12. Offers and Gifts : Offers/ free gifts with your products may boost your sale especially in Big Billion days. People search more discounts and offers while buying products.
  13. Ad campaigns: You can try Flipkart ad campaigns to increase possibilities of getting good orders. Flipkart will show your products as featured products.
  14. Flipkart Fulfilment Service: Try to sell with Flipkart fulfilment service. It will be beneficial to enhance opportunities of getting more orders.
  15. Big Billion Days: If you are thinking to exposure your profile to tons of customers, you should focus on festival sales of Flipkart such as Big Billion days.
  16. Follow the Rules: Always abide the rules determined by Flipkart and never violate any rule.

Overall, customer’s satisfaction is the key to increase sale. If your customer is not satisfied, he will give bad feedback and review; that will directly decrease your sale. It may also affect your rank in search on Flipkart.




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