How to update an Android Phone|Update Android OS in Phone

In the era of technology, users often get updates for latest features for Android phones. They can make the most out of their devices. The updates are very helpful to keep you go with modern technology and speed up your phone time to time. There are immense benefits of upgrading Android OS. You should aware the advantages of update Android OS.

Advantages of Update Android OS:

  • Helps your system become faster and efficient.
  • Helps to enjoy additional and latest features sometimes.
  • Better stability and enhanced performance
  • Helps to avoid hang problems
  • Better Security & bug fixes
  • Better Battery performance
  • Overall Better performance

Steps to follow

If you keep automatically update your system; you need not to do anything. If you set manually, then you should know about the process to update your Android OS.

1. Go to settings in your phone

2. Go to ‘ABOUT PHONE’

3. Go to ‘System Update’

4. Tap on ‘System Updates’

5.  Tap on ‘Download’

If update will available; it will say “system update available.” You will find this option on the top of screen.  Tap on “Download and Install” button at the bottom.

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