How to Download WhatsApp Status uploaded by your friends and relatives

WhatsApp is very useful and advantageous app for all mobiles. As you people love to send photos, videos and text through the app. Almost every mobile user have WhatsApp in his phone. Adding features in the WhatsApp is enhancing interest in users. You can add DP and Status in your WhatsApp. People upload their videos and photos in status. Some status are very interesting and useful, everyone wants to show them on their status list.


Searching each status online is a challenging job, why can’t we download the same status from the same WhatsApp status holder? Is it possible? Yes offcourse, you can download any status of WhatsApp contacts you have. You can download the status videos/photos what you see in other’s status in your phone.

You have to download other WhatsApp status downloader app.

Follow this link to download whatsapp Status downloader app from your app store :  Click Here

The app has 50 million plus downloads and 4.5 rating. This shows popularity of the app.

Follow instructions.

You will see all the status available on your WhatsApp currently. Just click on the status and tap on the download button(like reverse arrow). You can download the status what you like most easily.

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