YouTube Awards for Creators!

If Google is first search engine in the world; YouTube ranks second in search engine list. Approximately all mobile user use YouTube daily. YouTube has collection of billion videos on different topics. All You Tubers regularly uploads videos on it. All know about these things. Now we are talking about top appreciations for video creators on YouTube. They operate their channels on YouTube and earn lot of money.

Process to get awards

If your channel fulfills the conditions (number of subscribers), channel creator gets notification with unique order code in creator studio panel. Once you complete the required formalities, if YouTube authorities approve it, you can get award within 42-60 days (time may vary as per YouTube policies).

Note: This award is given if your YouTube account is in good condition without copyright strikes.

YouTube also manages some awards for these creators. These awards are for their appreciation and enthusiasm.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Find what types of benefits or awards the service has prepared for you.

As per YouTube authorized site, presently there are these three following awards:

Presently, there are 3 levels of creator awards: Silver, Gold and Diamond

Silver:  For the creators who exceed 100k subscribers. They earn a Silver Creator Award. It is starting of exclusive valuable degree for creators. YouTube sends silver colored YouTube Play Button. The Button is silver plated and stylishly framed. Mostly creators hang this award on their wall.

Gold:  When a creator surpasses 1 million (over 10 lac) subscribers, he gets Gold YouTube Button. This is gold-plated framed button. Creator can hang it on the wall.

Diamond:  Diamond award is the top most awards given by YouTube. When a creator has stunningly exceeded more than 10 million (over 1 crore) subscribers, he gets this award. The creator who receives this milestone falls in the list of the biggest creators on YouTube.

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