Top 14 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts to boost your working power and productivity

Shortcuts are valuable to save our time. You can work on computer with keyboard and mouse. You can use alone keyboard to perform all types of tasks. But you should have knowledge of all shortcuts to perform operations. Keyboard shortcuts are key combination you can press on your pc to do tasks. You need not to click with mouse if you have good command over keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are universal, you can used these shortcuts in other applications too. For e.g. you can copy, paste, cut-paste, find, anywhere on the internet with same shortcuts. Let us talk about some very useful Keyboard shortcuts :

  • Ctrl+W  (FOR Close Current Program)

This shortcut is universal, whether you are working offline or online. This shortcut will close down everything what you are currently watching.

  • Win+L: (Lock screen)

If you want to lock the screen with a shortcut, this command will help you. With using this shortcut, you instantly lock the computer and return to login screen. You will need to reopen with password (if you have given).

  • Ctrl+Z: (Undo the function)

It also works in all programs. CTRL+Z will bring return your last activity.

  • Ctrl+C: (For Copy)

This is most famous shortcut on computer. You can copy any paragraph, word, character with this shortcut.

  • Win+D (bring desktop front)

This command bring desktop by minimizing all open windows. You can quickly move to home screen with this shortcut.

  • Ctrl+ V ( For Paste)

After copying a matter, you can paste with this shortcut on other place. It will create copy of the same source there.

  • Ctrl+X (For Cut)

If you want to move any text/numbers from one place to other place. You can cut those and paste somewhere else.

  • Ctrl+A: (For  Select all)

This command allows you to select all text in a page. This allows works to select all files in a folder. It saves time in actual way.

  • Alt+Tab: (Switch apps)

This command is awesome. It is widely useful when you are running multiple programs. With switching Alt+Tab, you can rapidly switch among your opened apps.

  • Win+X: (To Open hidden menu)

This shortcut permits you to allows and review hardware like printer keyboard, presently attach to system.

  • Alt+F4: (Close apps)

This shortcut allows you to close all open programs one by one as you press this command. This shortcut also works if you want to shut down your computer.

  • Ctrl+Esc: (open start menu)

If you are looking for a shortcut which can rapidly open start menu while you’re working. This is exactly what you desire. You can open start menu with this shortcut

  • Win+Tab: (switch apps)

You can switch apps with this shortcut.

  • F5: (Refresh)

You can simply refresh a page with this option. After refresh the page, you can enjoy the latest and updated version.

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