Instagram Shortcuts that may be beneficial for you!

There are massive number of people are using Instagram daily. It is brand hub and business enhancer for various companies. Celebrities have also active accounts on Instagram.  More than 1 billion people use Instagram every month. Instagram has 3rd rank after Facebook and YouTube on the web. Over half billion people use Instagram daily.

Why should we use shortcuts to access a social networking site? Have you thought about it? You may answer it saves our efforts and time. It is correct? How much time? As per experience of other people, I found it saves more than 7 working days in a year. Can you imagine? That’s why shortcuts keys are used widespread by people.

Instagram is a mobile app. There is no keyboard shortcut for it. There are some shortcuts to access Instagram on mobile. These shortcuts are extremely useful to render you better experience. These will definitely work for you.

For iphone6 or later versions: If you press app icon longtime, it will give you a shortcut to create a new post, direct message, search view activities.

  • Tap and hold a post in grid view, it will expand the post.
  • Tap on profile long time will help you to switch between your other Instagram accounts.
  • Tap on profile or hashtag (#) will allow you to see recent posts.


Kindly reply in comments, if any shortcut is not found in this list; we will definitely add them in our list here. To know about Facebook keyboard shortcuts, click on this link: Facebook keyboard shortcuts. In the same way, you can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to reduce your emailing work tension, visit here:  Gmail keyboard shortcuts. To know wordpress shortcuts click here: WordPress shortcut keys on keyboard.


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