35+Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter Fans


Twitter is another powerful social networking site. Over 320 million people are using Twitter per month. Twitter is effective social networking site and it is very important platform for politician, celebrities and businessmen. Twitter is a very popular social networking site. Twitter fans regularly tweets and retweets and reply others. It is laborious work to use open tweet and other activities on Twitter. Twitter becomes easy to use, if you have shortcuts to use twitter. Accessing Twitter account through website feels time consuming often. We are trying to reduce your hard work with this post. It will especially assist those who access Twitter account on mobile devices. We have collected a dozen of Twitter keyboard shortcuts to make your Twitter experience better. Here is collection of Twitter shortcut keys:


Create a new tweet- N

Post a Tweet:  Ctrl+Enter

Send message directly: M

Escape from any popup window: Esc

Favorite a tweet: F

Reply a tweet: R

Retweet: T


Mute and Block a User

Mute: U

Block: B

Open Tweet description: Enter

Close all open tweets: L

Navigation keys

Move down a page: space

Move to up page: shift+space

Reach at Previous Tweet: K

Reach at Next Tweet: J

Page down: Space

Load New tweet:  . (dot)

Search bar: /


G+ key shortcuts

Activity: G+A

Discover: G+D

Favorites: G+F

Homepage: G+H

Lists: G+L

Messages: G+M

Notifications: G+N

Profile: G+P

Mentions: G+ R

Settings: G+S

Go to user: G+U


Kindly reply in comments, if any shortcut is not found in this list; we will definitely add them in our list here. To know about Facebook keyboard shortcuts, click on this link: Facebook keyboard shortcuts. In the same way, you can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to reduce your emailing work tension, visit here:  Gmail keyboard shortcuts. To know wordpress shortcuts click here: WordPress shortcut keys on keyboard.




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