8 Significant Pages for Each Website or a Blog

If you are beginner and starting a new website or a blog; you may be confused about significant pages of your website.  What pages are most required in a new website/blog? If you are facing same queries, Triople provides you the perfect solution for it. If you have not added these pages, you can add easily without affecting the other content. These pages are significant because these will depict a standard of your WordPress website. In this post, we will share the most essential pages that every website should have.

There are two main data types of each website: Posts and Pages. You know that posts are used to add articles/content. You often publish new post in Post type. Your posts are changed regularly. Each post contain different data, we call that article or content of the post. As I am writing this article into a new post, I will publish it under new title and tags.

On other hand, Pages have static data that is occasionally changed. Most of times,  the content of pages is remained static.  You change content on rare occasion.


Home page should have contained in your WordPress website, because homepage shows your first page of the site. When website is opened homepage appears first. Homepage means main page of the website. Whatever you do but when you click on home, you will be redirected to homepage. Where you will watch url of your site with common name. Like you can see triople.com for it; we have also added homepage here.


Each website needs a blog page. When you write relevant blogs to your business website, people can visit and read by clicking on Blog page. You can aware people with latest information about your products. You can also share latest technology information to visitors in your blogs. Other benefit of adding blog page in website is to increase content for website. If you write proper content relevant to your website, it helps to increase page rank of your website. Without content, you may face challenges to rank your site in search of prime search engines. Low content websites mostly may not get good places in search engine list. Blog data can make your site full of content. It also helps you to create some relevant and useful keywords (relevant keywords with your website) in blog posts to increase rank of your website in searches.

Project Page

Project page is to display your previous projects. It increases credibility of your website.  People will come to know about your experience with big brands. The trust of your business increases with it. Try to give proper explain of each project. Never forget to add projects with renowned brands of the world (if any).

About Us

It is another important page of any WordPress Website/blog. You need to show who you are. What is purpose of your website? What services/brands are you selling? When your company started and where are outlets and network of your company. You can share mission, values and motives of your work. You can share here present and past of your company in brief. About us page helps to build your trust in people. People can better know your business through it. You can add your team people here and share about their qualification and their experience in relevant fields. You can introduce people with your team too.

Disclaimer Page

You can add Disclaimer page if you are earning money from your website/blog. This is important especially when you are display ads or displaying affiliate products on your website. People should aware about it.

Contact Us

It is another significant page of your website/blog. You are operating business and provide products or services. Consumers need to know about your contact in case of any query. So Contact Us may be very useful page for them. Contact us page contains website owner office contact (email, phone, social profiles etc.). In other way, website owner creates a contact form there to fill. Consumer can fill that one and from website, a representative contacts with him.

Privacy Policy Page

Privacy policy page inform visitors about the content you add on your website/blog. It also shows how you and other parties can use this content. Why is this so important? Because even you are not gathering any visitor data, Google Analytics like third party tool can set cookies. You are required to use privacy policy page, if you are showing ads of Google Adsense on your website/blog. How to make privacy policy templates? It may be a serious question for you. There are many online privacy policy page generator websites. some of them are following:

You can generate privacy policy pages through the help of these websites. You can make your own after going through these websites.

Product or Services Page

It is another significant page for a business website/blog. You can showcase your products. You can show your services here too. Users will get to know what products or services you sell. Make Product or Service page effective with catchy design. Add same size pictures of your products. Colorful and attractive page will eye of attraction for visitors. Categorize every product with proper name, rate and specifications (all required content).

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