7 Ideal tips to choose the best domain name..must read!

While thinking to build a website, first and prime topic is to decide a name of site. You are laughing..What a joke, it is easy task. Hmm.. if you are brooding in this way..You may be wrong. There are certain things that affect your domain name, especially when you are making a website for your business. Give a name to website may be average if you decide without considering some points. You know name also represent brand of your business. If name is not effective, your website may not work as per your expectations. So today, Triople team is sharing some valuable things to consider before deciding a name to website.

In previous article, we have discussed about some main points to build a website. In this post, we have given some important things to consider while searching a domain name.

1. Easy name

Always try to name your site in easy words. You know difficult words are hard to remember by people. If you take easy words that will work and your site name will be in minds of people. If we take ideal examples of big brands, they are Audi, Paytm, Acer, Dell etc. These are very simple names to remember.

2. Short name is effective

Short domain name is hard to forget. Short name always be in trend. As I chose Triople, 5-6 characters are enough. If you will go with long name, it will lose its smoothness. As we discussed in previous point about some brand names, they are very short within 5-6 characters and easy to catch people’s eyes.

3. Don’t use numbers and hyphens

Numbers and hyphens are easily forgotten by people. Avoid use of numbers and hyphens in your domain name. For example if I give name to my site triople_city.com/ triople1_city.com. The people who will type name of website will definitely confuse. They can misunderstand these words and type wrong website.

4. Keyword based domain name

If you select domain name based on business/services you provide, that will really work. Like if you have wood business and you add wood word in your domain (Like woodera.com), it will effectively work in search in search engines.

5. Avoid This blunder

Caution is better than cure. Make sure that chosen domain name by you should not be a trademark of a company. It neither should not be copyrighted nor related with any company. It can end up with a big legal mess and can create huge problems for you. You can cost a big loss because of this mistake.

6. Focus on Local Area

If you want to spread business in a local area, you may add specific city/state/locality name in your domain name. As I am from Bathinda (Punjab), I add trioplebti.com.  BTI is short form of name Bathinda.

7. Choose suitable domain name extension

The suffixes at end of website address are called extensions. You may know about different types of extensions like .com, .net, .org, .me., .co. In etc. They all have their particular use; you need to choose an extension that benefits you. The most common and most popular extension is .com. But choosing short and effective domain name with .com extension is a challenging job because it has been in working for a long time. Millions of websites are built with .com extensions. So carefully choose extension of your domain name.





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