How to Upload a Video to Youtube-Know all steps!!

Youtube is the most popular video streaming website in the world. It is boundless wonderland of entertaining and useful content. Youtube is not only a source of information but it has become important part of mass media. After emerge of smarphones, use of Youtube has surprising increased. You can watch comedy, Vlog, music, movies, sports, rhymes, songs, scientific information, political information and many more..Youtube is one of the biggest platforms for businesses to showcase their latest products and technologies. Advertisement of Youtube is seen by billions of people per day. So it is a robust platform of promotion for businesses, campaigns, products and initiatives.

If you are not using youtube, you are at right place. In Triople, there are many posts on Youtube only. You can get full information about use of Youtube. In this article, we will share information about how to upload a video to  Youtube. If you want to know, stay with us.

We assume that you have Google account. If you have no Gmail id (Google account). Kindly create your Gmail account by following steps given in our post. Now the real process of uploading starts. Here are some steps to upload a video on Youtube.

1. Sign in your Youtube Account with your Gmail id

You will not able to upload a video if you don’t sign in Youtube. Simply sign in your Youtube account by using your gmail id. Write email id in id field and password in password field. Then click on sing in button.

2. Upload Button


Second step is click on upload button.  To upload a video, click on upload (movie button) button located on right top of the website.  It will take you on upload page.

3. Choose Video and Settings

Next step is to select video source. The upload page gives you to choose different options of settings. You can set privacy settings as you want. There are four settings: Public, Private, Unlisted and Scheduled. Public settings allow other to watch your video after upload.  While you use private settings, it allows only you to watch your video privately. Unlisted means people who have link to video can watch it. In Schedule settings you can choose your date and time to public your video.

4. Manage Upload content (Title, Description and Tags)

Next step is to manage upload content. After upload a video, you have to give it identity. People can know what video is about. There are three parts of managing area. First is Title where you have to write name of video (what video is about). Title should be compact and effective. Viewers should know about video content by reading title of video.

Second field is description, in this field you can describe about your video in given limitation of words. It makes your video sensible. Wording of description should clearly indicate the content of video. You can add keywords in description too. It will increase presence of your videos on Youtube. If you use 3-4 effective keywords with Hashtag (#), you will experience sea change in search of your video. It is my personal experience. I have also a Youtube channel where I have 5700+ subscribers and 2M+ views. I have uploaded near 300 videos.

Third field is tags. Add tags related to your videos. Avoid adding long tags. Tags will clearly indicate the ideas of video.

5. Choose a Catchy Thumbnail

If you have not verified youtube account, you can’t upload Thumbnai. If you have verified account, you can show your creativity by making attractive thumbnail. Thumbnail should have an effective picture and words that direct towards subject of video. You can create thumbnail in Adobe Photoshop. If you have no verified Youtube account while uploading and processing of a video, you will have a selection of 3 thumbnails from video to choose from. Choose your thumbnail and done or publish to set it.

6. Check your published video




Now your video is available publicly. It has its own URL, where viewers can watch,share, comment, like and dislike it. From video’s page, you can access settings, annotations, enhancement and other features. You can check analytics of your video. You can manage it by visiting in video manager of your channel too. You can publicize your video by submitting your video url on top social networking sites (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.) You can increase traffic on your Youtube channel by using annotation, requesting people to subscribe your channel.


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