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Benefits of Work From Home and 25 highly paid best Jobs during Covid-19 Pandemic : Triople.com

The pandemic is still in action, many people have lost their jobs. Work from home is a great idea to make good income and expand business from big to bigger. As we usually say, the power internet has saved many lives directly/indirectly. It has diminished crowd from various places for e.g. bill pay, ticket booking, online payments. Of course, it has reduced covid spread rate.   

In this article, we will not only talk about benefits of Work from home but some best remote jobs/businesses also. Let’s quickly overview the advantages of work from home:

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  1. Flexible Timings: Working timings in office jobs are very strict. You wake up with burden to finish all duties before the office time. Same hectic schedule when you finish duty time. All day goes in hurry. But most of the work from home jobs are flexible in timings it means employees can start and end their work timing  as they choose, as long as job is completed. It leads to stunning outputs. Work from home has also given freedom to fulfill other home duties as well.
  2. Less Travel and More Savings: As usual every employee/worker needs to travel at a distance to reach his/her office. This results expenses in form of fare. The worker who use their own vehicles; they pay fuel, maintenance and parking fees . Work from home has reduced such expenses and increased the savings of workers. From employer side, It has reduced operating costs (office electricity, internet, infrastructure maintenance and many more) of the companies globally.
  3. Less commute less traffic: As the whole day spends on system in work from home. Rare requirement to commute in other areas. It has solved traffic jam problems. It has decreased virus spread too. As usually we hear that in metro cities people have to spend lot of time in traffic rush. They stuck in such big traffic jams. This problem has reduced with work from home.
  4. Less Pollution and Healthy Environment: Lakhs of cars are not on the road due to work from home. It has significantly reduced air pollution and enhanced greenhouse gases.
  5. Happy Life: Everyone wants to live with family whole day. Obviously, this has become possible now. The complicated life has turn into simple life with flexible working.
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Now we will share work from home jobs that may pay more than your daily official job salary. Some of these are seasonal gigs and some full time.

  1. Content Writing:  content writing has become evergreen industry now. Content creation has made its strong place among effective work from home jobs. The work is in full demand. Without content, there is no imagination of any website/video. Companies need to educate, inform their employees through content. Entertainment business need content too. If you have power of writing as per taste of people, you can earn lot of money in this sector.  If you have strong vocabulary and writing skills in English, there is massive scope for you. You can earn 25-30K per month. We suggest you to first inculcate habit of reading newspaper and articles on internet. It will definitely help to enhance writing skills. You can also apply for different projects in writing articles, press releases, songs, entertaining content on freelance websites.

2. Become a Blogger: When you hear word ‘blog’ what do you feel? It has become robust source of passive income for many people. In short terms, Blog is a website that has contained discussion or information. The scope of information is very broad, a number of categories for blog writing. It ranging from entertainment, food, travel, health, home remedies, cooking, dancing, music, gardening, technology, fashion and many more. The fundamental rule of the life if you help others, they will help you to earn. So write good blogs and provide very useful information to people, they will give you leads. You can write reviews of movies, products etc. You need to be a passionate blogger for it. It is not one day process. It is hardworking job but good paying in long time. You can earn from google adsense and affiliate marketing from blogging.

3. Data Entry: Often no need very complicated trainings, jobs are bit easy than others. This job is data entry jobs. A person has to enter data in a computer system or on a portal (as client’s demand may be). You can charge fixed or hourly fee. There is no shortage of data entry work in the market. You can apply for data entry jobs on freelance websites. You can earn 10K-15K per month. But be careful, a number of websites are looting people on the name of data entry/form filling jobs; Always work with legitimate websites.  Otherwise, you will work hard but end up with empty hands.

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4. Affiliate Marketer: Can you refer people about the better products for them? You can earn commission if they buy any among them. This is affiliate marketing. If you are still unfamiliar with it you can read the  affiliate marketing. Let’s have an example; if you have a website about computer hardware and refer a keyboard on Amazon. If visitor clicks the affiliate link and buy the keyboard, Amazon will pay you commission on sale in a certain amount.

5. Book-Keeping Job: Book-keeping is base of every business. This is evergreen job. If you get training about book keeping. You learn best book keeping techniques (Sale, purchase, taxes etc.) on Tally, Busy and Quick-books. Truly, you have bright scope in future. You can work from home conveniently. You can work freelance book-keeper on freelance websites. You can earn more than 50K per month.   

6. Travel Agent Job: A commission based job can give you good bucks. A travel agent services range from bus ticket booking, railway ticket booking, flight booking, hotel booking to sale of travel packages to potential customers. If you have marketing experience and good knowledge about your field, it may lucrative for you. Presentation in efficient manner can give you more sale leads. Top travel agencies look for travel agents who are efficient in sale. The travel agencies give their agents handsome salary and stunning benefits in form of family tour packages.

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7. Online Teacher: After covid-19 breakout, our kids are limited to home. They attend online classes. Some of them have tutors nearby but big problem in big cities. Due to pandemic, parents are worried for safety of their children. They use online tutor service to support education of their loving children. This is  affordable and convenient education for kids. Apart from freelance, you can sign up on acclaimed online education platforms like Byju, Preply ,Vedantu, Topper, Unacademy and Doubtnut. You can earn 20K-30K with this profession.

8. Invest in Stock Market: This market has changed fortune of many people. You have heard a name Warren Buffet. He has also earned money from stock market. But this market is full of risk. You can earn double triple of your investment. On other hand, you can lose your all investment too.But with proper knowledge of companies whose stock you buy, you can earn good amount. This allows you to start a part time work to earn money. You can earn 10K to 20K with your extra money what are not in use still. Don’t invest your basic earning here. You can get big loss too.  You should use your earning what is surplus. There are many videos on Youtube to guide you about stock market. Investing in the stock market is risky. Although stock market investment has given the best returns compared to other investment options.

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9. Marriage Bureau: At a stage, every parents start thinking about marriage of their children. This business is very beneficial business. Help people to search suitable match for their children. You can charge good amount from both sides (bride and bridegroom ). This is very popular business everywhere in the world. You can start you website to expand your wedding business.

10.  Translation: Have you good education? If you have good command over mother tongue and English; you can become a good translator. Translation jobs are also in trend. It is interesting and money making job. You should have command over at least two languages.  

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11. Interpreter:  Interpreter is another form of translation job. But this job is not done with typing /writing. This is process of translation of one’s language by speaking. You become a medium of conversation between two parties. For example if someone knows Tamil and other knows English. You should have command over Tamil and English both to make their conversation possible. Interpretation services ranging from in-person to telephonic discussion.

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12. Event Planner: This is rapidly growing job. Every events requires good planning. Each good planning is made by a planner. Event planners are earning good amount. It is conglomerate of many jobs like DJ, Decoration, Catering etc. you should need to contact with people required to work in this profession. But scope is very good in this job.

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13. Pet Groomer: This is a fashionable job. The people who have pets. They search for better groomer for them. This is good paying job.

14. Product Reviewer: You can earn a decent income from reviewing products that are used in daily life. You can earn with affiliate marketing here too. Build your review website and write reviews, and give affiliate links there. If people buy with your affiliate link, you will get decent earning. Other option, you can work for your client as a product reviewer.

15. Repairer: If you are good in repairing thing, just learn more about them. You can earn handsome income by starting freelance repairing work. You can choose ac repair, computer repair, RO repairs like jobs.

16. Social Media Manager: There are many reputed organizations those need social media managers to manage their social media accounts. You should have knowledge of techniques required to work as a social media manager. Digital marketers/social media managers help to build and expand a brand’s presence online. They do SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing and many more.

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17. Lyrics Writer: If you have shayari or poetic nature, you may become lyric writer. You may know people who are earning lakhs rupees just from writing lyrics for good singers. Today is trend of social media, just sing your song and upload on internet (Facebook, Youtube etc. ). This can make you star in days. Other option is to contact with famous singer through freelance lyrics websites. Sell your lyrics there.

18. Survey: There are many companies who looks for survey taker to know trends and requirements of people. So you can join such websites those pay per survey. But beware, many sites are scam in survey sector too. Check legitimacy before start.

19. Transcriptionist:  The job is to document the audio files. You hear the audio file and type on computer.

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20. Voice Over Expert: If your voice is loving, you can record it for clients. Many learning lesson video need good voice. You can record for clients as per requirements. Voice-over ranging from simple tutorial to film dubbing. There is massive scope in voice-over in future.

21. Programmer/Web developer: Websites are developed by the programmer. You can learn a language like PHP/.NET and learn to make websites in wordpress. You can earn in lakhs per year. Developing a website is work of a team including designer, programmers (developers). People are earning good money in this sector.

22. Photographer: Many people are passionate to photography. We know that every person captures photos with mobile but professional photography is in demand. High charges are taken by photographers for events like pre-wedding, wedding and parties. This domain has also bright scope.

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23. Internet Security Expert: As you know, internet security becomes very important in case of sensitive and valuable data. As security expert, you need to chek all networks  for security threats and apply security measures. You may install protective systems.

24. Live Chat Support: The companies are dedicated to provide 24*7 services to its clients. So they need live chat support agent to run this process smoothly. They provide help to the clients via website support section.

25. Vlogging: A good mobile camera can allows you to earn good amount. Can you believe? Yes, It works. Vlogging means make video of blog. You make video of your daily chores. It may contain your hobbies, daily routines, challenges and many more. Youtube is a giant video platform to make good presence. Now Facebook videos are equally getting popular. You can earn via YouTube ads, sponsorships, Facebook ads. It unearth many ways to earn when you become popular among people. You may feel like celebrity. Social media has born many stars who were from middle class families. They are leading now rich or royal life.

Overall, internet has opened multiple ways to earn. It has also helped to established lot of online business. As we see daily on Shark Tank India, many candidates tell that they have earning lakhs of rupees from online sale over their websites, Amazon and Flipkart. So there is no limit to earn online. It is depend upon you what you can choose and do. All the best!




YouTube Awards for Creators!

If Google is first search engine in the world; YouTube ranks second in search engine list. Approximately all mobile user use YouTube daily. YouTube has collection of billion videos on different topics. All You Tubers regularly uploads videos on it. All know about these things. Now we are talking about top appreciations for video creators on YouTube. They operate their channels on YouTube and earn lot of money.

Process to get awards

If your channel fulfills the conditions (number of subscribers), channel creator gets notification with unique order code in creator studio panel. Once you complete the required formalities, if YouTube authorities approve it, you can get award within 42-60 days (time may vary as per YouTube policies).

Note: This award is given if your YouTube account is in good condition without copyright strikes.

YouTube also manages some awards for these creators. These awards are for their appreciation and enthusiasm.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Find what types of benefits or awards the service has prepared for you.

As per YouTube authorized site, presently there are these three following awards:

Presently, there are 3 levels of creator awards: Silver, Gold and Diamond

Silver:  For the creators who exceed 100k subscribers. They earn a Silver Creator Award. It is starting of exclusive valuable degree for creators. YouTube sends silver colored YouTube Play Button. The Button is silver plated and stylishly framed. Mostly creators hang this award on their wall.

Gold:  When a creator surpasses 1 million (over 10 lac) subscribers, he gets Gold YouTube Button. This is gold-plated framed button. Creator can hang it on the wall.

Diamond:  Diamond award is the top most awards given by YouTube. When a creator has stunningly exceeded more than 10 million (over 1 crore) subscribers, he gets this award. The creator who receives this milestone falls in the list of the biggest creators on YouTube.

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