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7 Best Date and Time Plugins for WordPress Websites

Quote about “Time is what we want most but what we use worst “has shown its value.

In our hectic schedule, we even forget date of that particular day. When you visit a website, you quickly access everything. The website owner also keeps your time value in mind. So it is a better idea, if visitor finds date and time there too choose. The date and time plugin makes it easier to select dates, times for your booking, schedule apps.

In this post, we will share best 7 date and time WordPress Plugins which are highly customizable and extremely useful for your WordPress website. These are very simple and quick to use.

Let’s start:

1. Magic Dates

With Magic Date, you can calculate number of years from a specific year and you can insert number into your text. This can be done with the help of shortcodes here. For example, if you put for a certain experience 12 years years ago, on same day next year it will automatically increase experience 12 to 13.  It will continuously add year each year. You don’t need to manually update that one.

2. Current Date and Time

With help of this plugin, you can add current date and time in sidebar, footer or in the page or even in the post. It is very easy and most responsive plugin. It takes very small space in hosting. The unique feature of this plugin is to matching automatically with theme, color and font style. It is mobile friendly and mobile responsive plugin. You can use it comfortably because there is no need of any tough code to use it. It is a handy plugin, you can install in a few clicks.

3. Post Date Time Change

This Plugin is useful to change date and time of an article of post or page. As per a reviewer,  plugin is efficient in bluk edit. It is easy to install and use.

4. Date Time Picker Field

This plugin allows you to convert any input field of your website into date time picker field, csss selectors are used in it. With more than 1000 installations, plugin is appreciated by various reviewers. The plugin has been created by Carlos Moreira using a jQuery plugin of Xdsoft.net. You can display a calendar or enable a time picker also.

5. DT World Clock

DT world clock is very useful plugin. If you are looking to display times in various timezones, this plugin is for you. This plugin is with easy customization to showcase time date of multiple timezones. You can access settings through admin panel. You can display up to four different times by this plugin.  You have freedom to use a shortcode in posts and pages. There are various shortcodes to show different clocks. You can know about shortcodes by visiting on plugin website.

6. WordPress Responsive countdown

WordPress Responsive countdown is a premium plugin. You have given freedom to use jQuery Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder tool in your wordpress website. To animate SVG defined drawings, it uses canvas object. Very catchy and stylish flip animation is used to show remaining time from a target date. It is highly customizable and extremely useful to highlight the attention of visitors towards specific expiry of offer. Countdown means time is going and avail the offers quickly.  Already 600+ people are happy customers of this plugin on Codecanon.

7. Saan World Clock

This plugin allows displaying time and dates of all time zones.  In this plugin, setup page creates shortcode. You can put this shortcode anywhere in your website.  It is simple but powerful plugin. With more than 300 installations (data from wordpress. org), the plugin seems very useful for WordPress websites in context of date and time.

7 Best WordPress Table Plugins that can help to organize your data!!

You are thinking to avoid long length of information into your website. You know reason that it will stretch your post and finish the reader’s interest. But you are bound to feed it. Then what will you do? Feeding data in order and in limited space can be a challenge. But tables solve your problem. Your website can be related with any domain like sports, education, technology, gaming, dance, business etc. But requirement of tables are common in all. With the help of tables you can present your content in organized way. It also supports to make your website user friendly. There may be many situations, whre you need to put data in tables. A few examples are:

  1. You want to feed names, city, and address of persons.
  2. You want to present product list with features, prices, availability.
  3. You want to categorize services/products under various categories.
  4. You want to enlist the names of topper of your class with roll numbers and admission numbers.
  5. You want to present brand of different mobiles and their features and prices.

Situations may be varied. Solution is only table. Table organizes your information in impressive way. Display of information will be in order. If you have never tried before it, you can arise a question, how to create table in a WordPress site?  You know that WordPress has no inbuilt table features. You may not have knowledge of complicated and heavy coding to make tables there. Don’t worry, solution is in this post. The name of ultimate solution is Table Plugin.

Yes, with help of table plugin, you can make tables conveniently in your WordPress website. You can trust in table plugin. There are numerous table plugins for WordPress sites. Today, we will take about 7 best table plugins for WordPress sites:

1. TablePress

Free| Download

TablePress is among best and sophisticated table plugins. It is most popular plugin with more than 7 Lacs downloads. It is free plugin that can be used create and manage beautiful tables. It is very easy to use. You can create tables for your post and pages. JavaScript library adds unique features like pagination, filtering, sorting. It is easy to import and export tables from/to Excel, CSV and HTML files.



  • Provides pagination easily
  • Allows to enter data in simple and straightforward way
  • Allows to copy/delete tables easily
  • Simple to import and export tables from/to html, excel files.

2. Ninja Tables

Free| Download

Ninja Tables meets all your requirements to create tables on your page/posts. You will experience a better way while making tables. You take a sigh of relief because you need not to write any code. The bright part of Ninja Tables is to maintain your speed of site even big data in your table. It allows you to create and manage tables from the admin panel easily. You will have a freedom to select a style from available 100+ tables styles.


  • Single Line cells
  • Suitable to SEO
  • Hundred of table styles to select one
  • Compact table
  • Supports RTL
  • Support frontend table editing
  • Data Tables

3. League Table

Paid | Download

League Table is a superb WordPress plugin that fulfills your all needs to create awesome tables in your post, pages and widget field. It is a plugin with versatility. More than 1850 sales already registered on Codecanyon. It is very fast and easy to use. It is premium plugin. It is so simple, you can easily make beautiful tables without reading manual deeply.


  • It allows to customize everything. It has 105 customizable option per table.
  • Easy data entry
  • Responsive settings allows you to set different font sizes
  • Allows to use cell properties like highlighting cells, rows or column, ease of apply math formulas
  • High quality support through email in English and Italian.
  • It is multilingual plugin.
  • Supports WordPress multisite environment

4.Ultimate Tables

Free| Download

Ultimate Tables is a popular plugin to create and manage tables from WordPress administration. It is a free plugin. More than 10000 people has used it already. You can create tables into your pages, posts or widget area. You have freedom to create multiple tables in not time. It is easy to install and use.


  • Allows to enter text or html code inside cells.
  • Allows you to create multiple tables at once.
  • You have 3 designs to choose preferred one.
  • Search box facility.
  • It provides responsive tables .
  • It gives pagination.

5.Easy Table


Easy Table is a WordPress plugin that is very easy to use. You can easily insert tables into your pages, posts and widget area. It does not have graphical user interface table generating facility. It gives you ease to create your table directly while typing information. The reason behind its simplicity, it protects you to write any complex HTML coding. It is  very popular plugin with more than 60k downloads. It is a free plugin.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Allows to insert table in post, page or widget
  • Allows to import input from CSV and display data in table

6. WP Data Tables



It is a premium plugin that solves your problems to create beautiful tables. It is a powerful WordPress plugin that can be used to manage tables, chart and spreadsheets. It is very popular plugin having more than 20,000 happy customers with 4.66 ratings on Codecanyon. It has fully integrated CRUD functionality. You can consider WP Data Tables plugin a good solution to embed data in tables and charts. You can import from any Excel, MySQL, XML, JSON formats data to create tables.


  • It is compatible with visual composer
  • It is searchable
  • It works on large database rapidly
  • It automatically generates MYSQL query
  • It allows you to create table manually with table constructor
  • It is multilingual and supports more than 40 languages
  • Insert custom CSS
  • Ability to customize backend
  • Unlimited color options
  • Unlimited font options

7. Table Maker

Free | Download

Table Maker plugin helps to insert different comparison tables. In-built special functions that allow to create different types of beautiful tables Like TOP tables, comparison tables. You will experience catchy look of tables.



  • Predefined icons
  • It works with short codes
  • It has option to add sub-headers
  • Awesome and attractive design
  • Supports to upload and use images
  • Allows to export tables to XML