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Top 20 Article Submission Sites of 2018

Article Submission: Article Submission is an off-page Seo Technique. Generally Article submission means writing articles relevant to your website/Business/Blog and post them on various article websites. It is very effective and useful technique to promote your website/ business/blog. You can get best results by using this method. This method can increase traffic on your website and also can grow your business/blog reputation and publicity.  The rank of your website can improve with it. You have to write articles of your site niche.


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This method helps to enhance the quantity of quality backlinks your website and result will be improve in your site ranking. This method helps to establish a business in a market. It helps to increase credibility of a business and may also generate potential customers for business. Regularly use of this technique will be beneficial for a website/business/blog. More off-page seo techniques you can visit  here.  The list of famous article submission directories is given below:

  1. Hubpages.com
  2. livejournal.com
  3. tumblr.com
  4. dzone.com
  5. zimbio.com
  6. github.com
  7. ehow.com
  8. evernote.com
  9. buzzle.com
  10. examiner.com
  11. squidoo.com
  12. ezinearticles.com
  13. seekingalpha.com
  14. apsense.com
  15. articles.org
  16. thefreelibrary.com
  17. technorati.com
  18. wattpad.com
  19. bysharing.com
  20. artipot.com