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Top and Best 7 Free SEO Tools to improve your website ranking rapidly

In modern technology, hard work and smart work both are required to get successful business. With the help of tools, you can deeply analysis of your website. Tools are helpful and useful in every field. When we talk about website SEO tools .Good tools can save your extra time and efforts. These tools can make a difference in output. I have made a list of best free tools for SEO. These tools have broad variety of uses. These tools cover a number of normal requirements of SEO. You can use daily without worry.

  1. Keywordtool.io

Enter a keyword, this tool will provide you a big list of relevant keywords to choose. You will have good opportunities to select keywords of your choice. You can easily get a good idea, about CPC and competition of the keywords, you enter.

  1. Ahref Back link checker

Back links are really important for every websites. When question arises, how to check backlinks of our websites, answer is ahref back link checker. Ahref back link checker provides you a list of top 100 backlinks to any website including total number of back links,referring links, DR and URL rating.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Searching relevant good keywords? Google Keyword Planner is best solution for it. You can enter keyword and you will get useful and helpful information with list of relevant keywords. You will see in result average monthly searches, competition and suggested terms.

  1. Google Search Console

This tool gives you overview about the search engine views about your site. Google Search Console helps to observe and fix bugs and indexing issues. In these days, You can add webmaster code automatically with help of Webmaster plugins (Yoast and many more..).


  1. Bing Webmaster Tool

Like Google Search Console, Bing webmaster tool assist to know how one of biggest search engines describe about your site. This tool also helps to observe and fix bugs and indexing issues. You can add webmaster code automatically with help of Webmaster plugins (Yoast, Jetpack and many more..).


  1. Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights is a tool which allows you to check loading and performing speed of your website. Simply, just enter url and watch results of speed on computer and mobile. It gives also helpful tips to improve the speed.

7. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a premium web service by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is one of the widely used tools for websites. This tools provides you valuable insights which help you to make a perfect strategy for your site.





List of Top Search Engine Sites to Submit URL -Take your site on top!!

After creating a website, Seo is an important technique to make your site present before world. You need first step after making site is to submit site at different search engines. In simple words, it is a process of informing search engines about existence of your website. It is helpful to get better search results. Many blogger drive traffic from various search engines. It is for introduce your website content on search engines. Search Engines are prime source of organic traffic on internet. Google is most popular search engine on internet.  Here is a list of URL to help blogger to submit their URLs of blog on various search engines.

Mostly blog makers submit their blogs URL on Google and other famous search engines (Bing and Yahoo only). But if you want to make your blog more popular and get huge traffic on blog, you have to submit your blog URL on other search engines too.  The presence of your blog will increase. It will beneficial in point view of traffic. You can miss lot of traffic by missing this process.

There are two procedure of search Engine Submission

Crawling:  By this process, Search Engine Software- Web Crawlers find publicly available data. Google uses Googlebot named software for this purpose.

Indexing:  It is the process of organizing information by search engines.

You can submit your blog URL manually or automatically. Manually you have to submit your url with your efforts and one by one. Automatically, there are many online tool sites to provide you search engine submissions services.

Here is list of search of 60 top popular search engines of year 2018 to submit sites:

Manual List

If you want to add your blog/site URL automatically through online tools. There are many websites, they provide such facilities.  They have certain websites list to submit url. If you fill URL on the website and submit. These tool site automatically submit your URL on various search engine within a few seconds. Just don’t forget to check the filled email id there. Because mostly search engines demand your confirmation to submit on that.

Here is collection of a few online sites to submit URL on other search engines:

Submit URL on several Search Engines Automatically