Helpful tips to Improve Mobile Photography Skills!!

Are you looking for wonderful photography with your phone? Mobile photography may seem gollywog. While buying a mobile phone, you see the camera quality of your mobile phone. But after use it, you feel failed to get desired output in photography. But with some easy tricks, you will able to click such stunning photos you never thought before! Let’s talk about some handy tips to improve mobile photography skills.

Mobile Photography
  1. Clean your phone camera lenses: You may take it very awkward; but it is true. 80% of people use mobile phone without clearing lenses. You use your phone whole day. You take it outside & inside, in pocket, in drawers. The lenses become dirty with dust and fingerprints. This creates hurdle in clear and crystal photography. Gently clean the lenses with soft cloth.
  2.  Don’t use flash: Don’t use flash without need. It may deface the quality of picture. Only use flash where you feel dark.
  3. Sharply focus on target: While clicking a picture, you should focus on the object sharply. It makes photography more clear and professional. Don’t depend upon camera’s autofocus feature; you have to focus manually too. Consider points manually to focus on the object.

Use Tripod: Mostly photography with hands may stir. It interrupts in stunning quality. Use tripod to take clear and unbelievable photos. The tripod helps to set focus and also stops unnecessarily moves of camera.

Use Editor: There are many photo editor apps in your Google Play Store. You can edit your photo to make it smarter. Editor may increase quality of the photos. It helps to add different colors in photos that is liked by the all.

Avoid Digital Zoom: Never use digital zooming while capturing a photo. It reduces the quality and clarity of the photos. Optical zoom is better that digital zoom.

Try other Props:  Be creative in photography. You can take suggestions from other photographers. You can watch lot of videos on photography tricks. Many people use various interesting poses to click photographs. Like watery image, jumping etc.