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20 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels till April 14, 2019

Youtube is Google’s famous video website. It has surpassed all its boundaries and become most favorite video website in the world. You can’t image popularity of Youtube. Daily more than 5 billion videos are watched by people on Youtube. Millions of videos are uploaded daily. Youtube is reservoir of entertainment, information, technology, social manners, learning, Education, sports, dance and many more.. You can find almost every information on Youtube. After Google, Youtube ranks 2nd in search engine race. Every hour equal to 300 hours time, videos are uploaded by users. After its inception in 2005, Youtube has flabbergasted others with its fame. Today, we will share information about most subscribed channels on Youtube.

As a smarphone user, you may use Youtube to watch videos daily. You know without subscribers, channel can’t get fame. Subscribers shows popularity of a channel along with views. In simple words, subscribers means regular audience to see your every video. If you have 3000 subscribers, it means you have already 3000 audience to show your videos when you upload. They receive notification when you upload any video on your channel. I have also a channel on Youtube.  So we are starting the most famous channels with most subscribers. The numbering data is taken from Socialblade . It may vary time to time. But we can write here present (time of writing) data .

Here is list of 20 Most subscribed Youtube Channels.

1. Music (over 100 million subscribers)







Music is very popular Youtube Channel with more than 10 Crore subscribers. It is music destination of popular of different genres.

2. PieDiePie (over 94 million subscribers)






PieDiePie is another very famous Channel on Youtube with various entertaining videos. There are more than 20 billion views on the channel.

3. T-Series (over 94 million subscribers)






T-Series is a popular music company in India. T-series is India’s biggest movie label and music studio. Company has been working as music pioneer for last 30 years. The prime concept of company is “Music can change the World.” T-Series channel has more than 67 billion views on channel.

4. Gaming (over 82 million subscribers)





Gaming is a channel dedicated to games. The channel also arrange live video for games.

5. Youtube Movies (over 79 million subscribers)






Youtube Movies  Channel is dedicated to movies. Anyone can buy movies from here to watch.

6. Sports (over 75 million subscribers)






Sports channel is dedicated to all types of sports. You can watch cricket, Basketball, Wrestling, Kabbadi and other sports videos. Channel presents latest videos in top stories. The channel was generated for sports fans by Youtube’s discovery system.

7. 5-minutes crafts (over 53 million subscribers)





5-minutes crafts channel is very useful channel for all people. The videos of the channel solves our day to day problems. We come to know little tricks to solve daily issues easily. You can go through some funny hacks and tricks too. More than 13 Billion views on channel depict its popularity among viewers.

8. Canal KondZilla (over 48 million subscribers)





Canal KondZilla is a popular Youtube channel from Brazil. Channel boasts about 1 billion views per month. Channel have music videos. There are 24 billion views to date. Channel was stared in 2012.

9. SET India (over 45 million subscribers)





SET (Sony Entertainment Television) India is a Hindi Entertainment Channel that provides full family entertainment. It is a dynamic channel and meet the needs of its audiences. There are variety of genres in videos like comedy, drama, thriller, game shows, events and much more. Channel was started in 2006. More than 31 billion views till the date.

 10. Justin Bieber (over 44 million subscribers)





Justin Bieber is world famous singer. Justin is Canadian native. Justin started his career of singing by posting homemade videos on Youtube. Gradually, these were liked by a big number of audiences. Multi-talented Bieber started his inning as a singer. Justin Bieber songs became heartbeat of people. His masterpieces are Sorry, Baby, What do you mean and Love yourself. These songs are heartthrob and liked by billions of people.

 11. Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes (over 43 million subscribers)






Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes channel is dedicated to learning for kids. The channel is committed to make learning fun and enjoyable with 3d animation learning videos. Kids are keenly interested in the videos. Kids’ activities along the music and 3D animation videos are awesome. They laugh, dance and play while learning. It is such amazing Youtube channel. There are over 25 billion views to date.

12. WWE (over 42 million subscribers)





WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment ) is a popular Youtube channel dedicated to World wrestling videos. You can watch video of your favorite wrestling stars. The channel presents live shows and other wrestling events like RAW, Smackdown. There are millions fans of WWE in the world. WWE channel has more than 31 billion views to date.

13. Dude Perfect (over 41 million subscribers)





Dude Perfect is elegant amalgam of sports and comedy. The channel videos are complete package of entertainment. You will feel relax after enjoy the comedy with sports. There are 5 best friends who entertain the people. Channel is enjoying over 7 billion views to date. Channel was started in 2009.

14.  HolaSoyGerman (over 38 million subscribers)






HolaSoyGerman was started 2011. A man is hero of the each video and he tries to laugh you with his activities. You will get entertainment on this channel with his funny activities. He shows many reactions while working on things. There are more than 3 billion views on the channel to date.

15. Badabun (over 38 million subscribers)






Badabun is a popular Youtube channel maintained by Badabun network. It is quickest growing channel. It is entertainment channel. channel has over 11 billion views. It was started in 2014.

16. Ed Sheeran (over 38 million subscribers)





Ed Sheeran is a famous channel for guitar lesson. There are 16 Billion views on channel. Channel was started in 2006.

17. EminemMusic (over 36 million subscribers)





It is a famous music channel. It was started in 2007 and having 13 billion views to date.

18. Whinderssonnunes (over 35 million subscribers)





Whinderssonnnues is a comedy channel. Whindersson Nunes Batista is a popular comedian, singer. Channel is enjoying more than 2 billion views to date.

19. Ariana Grande (over 34 million subscribers)





Ariana Grande is a music channel. It is very popular. Channel has 12 billion views. It was started in 2007.

20. Zee Music Company (over 34 million subscribers)





Zee Music Company is a part of India ‘s leading television network. It is among the largest producers of Hindi programming. This Youtube channel is dedicated to music. You can enjoy songs here. There are over 16 Billion views on the channel to date.

7 Most Viewed Youtube Videos of All Time

Youtube is near to enjoy successful 15 years of its starting. It is considered second biggest search engine after Google. More than 100 Million videos are already uploaded on Youtube. As per estimate per hour, 300 hours time videos are uploaded by people. Some videos are least popular and having a few views and others have huge watches. They can be called most popular videos. We are going to share the most viewed videos by the people. Most are music videos. Modern generation of young people accept Youtube most trusted and useful website. They are also keen to upload valuable and trendy content on Youtube. Smartphone users watch nearly 5 Billion videos every day. In next post we will write on most subscribed channels on Youtube. Let us start with most popular and most watched videos on Youtube:

7. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Blank Space is Taylor Swift’s most popular song with amazingly 2.4 billion views at present. The song was released in 2014. It went in the air within 3 weeks. It became so popular that it was on top in US Billboard hot 100. Taylor Swift became first woman singer to get such great success. Taylor Swift acted as a villain in the video.

6. Katy Perry-Roar

Pioneer in the Youtube, Katy Perry ‘s Roar is immensely popular song with more than 2.7 billion views.  It was uploaded on Youtube in 2013. The song has been very famous after its presence on Youtube. Katy Perry is a sensational singer with many hit songs. Her many song crossed 1 billion views on Youtube. The Lyrics of the song have millions views.

5. Dark Horse-Katy Perry

This is another billion views music video by Katy Perry. Katy Perry had sung song Dark horse with rapper Juicy J. It was uploaded on Youtube in 2014. You can enjoy trap and hip-hop in the song.  Song was directed by Matthew Cullen.  Song was used in promotion by world’s big brand Pepsi. Dark Horse was one of the best selling songs of 2014 with sale of over 13 million units.

4. Maroon 5 – Sugar

Maroon 5- Sugar was super hit song on Youtube. The video was originally on mid-20s comedy like wedding crashers. It was grand hit song with 2.9 Billion views at present. Maroon 5 was a big name in pop music singing industry. The block buster video was uploaded on Youtube in 2015

3. Justin Bieber-Sorry

Justin Bieber was a mega hit singer. His video Sorry has 3.1 billion views on Youtube to date. Justin Bieber‘s video ‘Sorry’ has 11 millions likes and 1.4 million dislikes till the day of writing. Justin Bieber is considered second artist to enjoy this achievement. Sorry touched billion views figure very quickly.

2. Wiz Khalifa– See You Again Ft. Charlie Puth

Wiz Khalifa had become one of the most popular singer with his song see you again and ft. by Charlie Puth. The video has been viewed more than 4 billion times since its upload in 2015. The song was released in support to promotion of movie, Furious 7. It was presented as a tribute to famous star Lt. Paul walker. It crossed Gangnam Style in views in 2017. There are only 3 videos that crossed 4 billion views on Youtube.  See you again is one of them.

1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Unparallel and most viewed Spanish song Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Ft. by Daddy Yankee. This song presents global craze of Youtube. The video has crossed remarkable 6 billion views to date. Video was released in 2017. It surpassed all other popular videos and achieved top rank in most viewed video very quickly. Only within 2 years, it has crossed 6 Billion views. When people were surprised to see the popularity of Gangnam Style but this video had created new challenge for all other videos. Despacito is a Spanish word which means “slowly.” You will wonder to know that this song is sung in Spanish language. The singer of song is Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi and rapper Daddy Yankee. The song was superhit in chart of over 40 countries.