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Never make these mistakes on Instagram & Must follow tips!!

Craze for Instagram is on acme. People are struggling to increase following. Some are successful with thousands of follower’s base. It is not big deal to increase followers with fake account. But if you are using your genuine account then you need to take care of many things which can create problems in your progress. Most of us know about the procedure to increase followers. However, there are some tips which aware you what not to do.

I started with Google’s Orkut, and then shifted to Facebook and Twitter. I gave up Google+ in favor of Instagram because it is amazing.  It is simple, pretty and just awesome. Well, I’m not such big enough of a geek to hop on that bandwagon. I have not still reached the milestone. I started my Instagram account 2 years ago; I tried wholeheartedly to build my profile.  I am happy with my efforts.

Instagram is not only a fast social network; it is also a giant platform to interact with people of the world. Whether your brand or personal profile, you must follow some useful tips to avoid any mistake.

1. Don’t make your profile private

Making profile private may put negative effect on your profile. If you are adding pictures related your brands.  People have no time to send you request and wait for your acceptance. So be careful about it. You need to make your profile public so everyone should see it. It will make your id more effective. You can experience yourself, how many private id you request to accept? It is universal but bitter truth. So if you have made your id private, turn it to public. It will definitely improve your appearance on Instagram.

2. Keep people engage with you

Use creative content and pictures that is liked by others.  Don’t go for more work; but do your best what you do. Good content is appreciated by all. Quality and creative content will surely impress others.

3. Daily work on your Instagram id

Stop thinking about followers only. Daily likes and comments are also valuable for you. These are symbol of engagement of users on your id.

4. Post quality picture

Quality pictures are always applauded by all. Don’t post blurred or vague photos. Always capture photos from good camera or mobile. Classify your id properly. Don’t overcrowd the pics on your id.

5. Tag pictures with others

Tagging is an effective method. When you post any content or picture, always tag with others.

6. Post your content regularly

People wait for your next post, if they are engaged with your id.  So be regular with your postings. Post your content or picture monthly, weekly or daily on a specific time. This will keep your followers engage. You will get good likes and comments.

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Hashtags represent particular groups of specific interest. Don’t forget to use hashtags(#) in each post. Relevant hashtags are very helpful to increase followers and establish Id in well manner.

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8. Make you Hashtags Social

Do your good efforts to make your hashtags social. Post your hashtags on other social networking sites.