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How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2019?

If you are internet savvy, you may search free, easy, step by step guide on how to start a blog? Well, your search may end here on triople. This article will guide you how to create a beautiful, catchy and functional blog. I have built several blogs during last few years. http://www.triople.com is also my blog where I share articles on technical information. This post will guide you step by step.

Beginning of a work is extremely tough and headache. Don’t worry I will try to reduce overwhelming and intimidating nature of this work. This single post will help you to make complete blog. You will learn about creating blog within 10 minutes.

I made a number of mistakes while learning to create a blog. But you can take advantage of my experience. You can avoid those errors. Let’s start with definition and exact meaning of a blog.

What is a blog?

Blog is a regularly updated website or webpage that focuses mainly on written content. It is a type of a website. Some people call it blogpost. Often blogs are written by an individual at small scale. When blog becomes very popular then individual give it a big form. There are several categories of blog. You can start blog on your interest. For example: cooking, dancing, writing, personal diary, speaking, technology, tutorial etc.

The person who writes a blog is called blogger. Bloggers often write content from their personal perspective to connect with their readers.  Readers write comments in comment section. Blogger communicate with their readers through comments. Direction conversation with reader allows blogger to improve. This interaction produces new ideas and improvement tips.

First you need to forget this misconception: You need to be an efficient writer to be a successful blogger. This is not true. Practice makes a man perfect. You will become a good writer when you will precede your writing. You need to just check style of writing of other bloggers. You can take good ideas from other blogs. This will give you an idea and good perspective about writing. Most blogger write in very informal style. Overall, you don’t need to be an expert. You will be expert one day.  Always read relevant blogs (relevant to the topic you have chosen). If you have craze and passion for your work, you will definitely become successful.

Purpose of a blog

Why do you want to start a blog? What is your purpose of blogging? What is benefit of it?  These are several questions that need answers.

If your solo aim is to make money, you may not get success. So your aim should be provide quality and valuable content for readers. I accept that top bloggers of the world are earning good money. Part time blogger can hope handsome profit if work is done properly.

The bright side of blogging is a passive income. You need to spend a few hours before system to write posts and you will make money for long time [Note: Making money will be based on several factors, it is not as easy job as told here. A span of 3-4 years is required to gain good traffic on a blog.]

Blog is amazing and great way to connect with people through commenting. Blog allows you to recognize thinking and demands of people and it gives you a golden opportunity to meet the requirements of readers. Blog itself becomes a community where people interact with blogger and each other. The growing use of internet is proven more lucrative than ever. This is helping to increase readers of blogs. Here are quick steps to make a blog:

  • Choose a topic of blog
  • Choose a blog name and give description.
  • Live your blog. Register a blog and get hosting
  • Customization of blog and get free theme.
  • Write and publish first post on blog.
  • Promotion of your blog.
  • Make money from blogging

Choosing a topic for blog

This is first and foremost step to start blogging. You need to be passionate towards your topic. Choose topic of your interest. This will help you to get success. Remember, you are writing for the world. Your blog will be live worldwide. Any person can see and read your blog. You need to work as a responsible blogger. A good reader base will enhance your global presence. You can search topic if any not included here following: Technology, cooking, singing, childhood, personal diary, dancing, tutorial, electrical, financial, general, education etc.  There is no limit of interest. You may choose topic of your interest.

Choose a blog name and give description

Picking a good name is important step. If you are not sure about what name is suitable to your blog; take help of various website that suggest blog names. .com extension is most prevalent and preferred by people. In other extension .org, .net, .in and many more work. You can’t put gaps or spaces while given name to your blog. As we have chosen triople.com, not triople  .com  Remember catchy names are on mouth of the people. Try to find very attractive, clear and concise name for your blog. It should be limited to maximum 7-8 characters.  Big names are hard to get popularity because of complicated spellings.  SEO of such blogs becomes also hard.

You need to check your domain name if it is available. Most of .com names are taken already. You have to be sure about availability of blog name. You can check availability of domain name by searching it on domain sites like http://www.godaddy.com, http://www.domain.com

Description is another important part of a blog. People can know what is the purpose and theme of the blog with brief description.

 Live your blog. Register a blog and get hosting

This is next step in this process. It is the time to get your blog online. This may be simple or hard. Both types of packages are available for blogging. Blogger.com is a service of Google; it allows you to make a blog free of cost (Free domain name and hosting).  WordPress.com is a service of WordPress; it allows you to make a blog free of cost. You can choose with very easy process of making blog (with blogger.com/wordpress.com; just within a few steps). Free option will come with your blogname.blog service provider name.com (For e.g. xyz.blogspot.com [for blogger.com] //xyz.wordpress.com[for wordpress.com]) but you can convert it direct name (xyz.com) by choosing plan offered by these sites. Here is a video that will guide you step to step to make a free blog on blogger.com .




Other option contains bit difficult process but this gives you full access to change as per needs.  It is bit technical. You need to pick two things: blog hosting and blog software.  Good thing is that both come into a package together.

In order to build a fascinating blog, you may need to take services of website designers and developers.

Blog hosting means storage place where you store your all files of your blog and present before use when the access your blog. Blog hosting is provided by a few companies. They are called website hosting companies. Some company are very popular, you may already know their names. Like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmycode, Bigrock, Milesweb, WordPress hosting and many. Each hosting site has its plans. You can compare yourself. You can buy suitable plan and hand over credential to your developers, if you are taking services of blog developers.

You need software to build your blog. WordPress blogging software is choice of million people because it is very customizable and simple to use.

Designers will design the blog and programmers will make it dynamic. They will connect your hosting with your site to get data from hosting while access it.  You can also do all yourself; you need to take guidance on research on internet.

You will need to create password for your account while preparing it in WordPress software.

Customization of blog and choose free theme

You can choose theme free of cost in given list on WordPress. You can buy premium theme too.  You can choose theme as per your topic. After professional’s work done, your blog will be ready to start.

Write and Publish first post on blog

Next step is to write and publish first step. After completion of blog, you need to add content in blog. The content means the relevant material of blog. Content may contain text, images and videos. You can write quality content to boost visitors on blog. You can click on CC0 website link to take photos for your blog. There are all copyright free photos there.

Promotion of your blog

This is very important step. After making a blog, who knows that you have a blog? A few you’re known persons only. How will your appear in the world. How visitors will visit on your blog. This is the actual job what will decide popularity of your blog. SEO is the process to promote your blog. I have given complete information about SEO and its types in my article

You can take help of SEO professionals to promote you blog. You can do some works yourself: promote blog on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram & other social networking sites.

Make money from blogging

This is extremely valuable tip for everyone. Everyone wants to earn money from blogging. Unfortunately, this is not as easy job as you think.

There are different ways you can make money blogging: By selling your own products or services, through writing reviews of products on blog. These are bit difficult than selling advertisement space.

Google adsense is the most popular advertisement program.  It is the best way to take advantage and make money from blogging. You need to work hard to get Google adsense for your blog.   On free blogging services, there are different processes to take approval of ads.  Google measures a blog on several criteria before approving your Google ads account. I have given ideal tips to get approval of  Google Adsense in an article. You can get knowledge about alternate to Google Adsense in case of disapproval of Google ad account.

I hope these tips will definitely help you to become a successful blogger. Happy Blogging!