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Emergence of new words (Vocabulary) in COVID-19- You must know!

In end of 2019, a deadly virus spread in meat market of Wuhan of China, which gradually spread throughout the world. It is called Coronavirus (Covid-19). It is declared as a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization). There are many new words came to existence. We have come to know with new vocabulary relevant to Covid-19. We hardly heard and knew before it. The disease is putting words in mouth of million people of the world. You may listen words like COVID-19, N-95 mask, homemade mask, PPE, Bipap, virus, community spread, asymptomatic, case fatality rate, contact tracing, clinical trial, epidemic, pandemic, Incubation period, Lockdown, Quarantine etc.

Broad your mind and educate yourself about what is happening in the world. We are ensured that these words will help you to know many things ahead. If you are curious to know, never hesitate to wide you knowledge and awareness. This will assist you to show a good presence in a group of people. You can discuss well on many topics related Covid-19 too. You can even educate other if you properly know about these.


The first word that has become very common now- COVID-19; it means coronavirus disease 2019. coronavirus was first detected in 2019 in Wuhan of China with initial symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.


Sanitizer is a form of liquid gel used to reduce the spread of germs of a disease on hands. During Covid-19, Alcohol based sanitizer having more than 60% alcohol help us to stay safe from coronavirus germs. The demand of hand sanitizer surged during covid-19 surprisingly.

Epidemic and Pandemic: Both words are very popular during covid-19 spread.  Both have approximate same meanings that wider spread of a contagious disease in a geographic area.

N95 and surgical face masks

You can say these mask are medical approved mask to protect you from SARS-CoV-2 like diseases. These are also called N95 respirator masks. The work of mask is to protect you from droplets of infected persons (via cough and sneeze).


Ventilator is a machine that helps to expand lungs of a patient to breath and supply oxygen when a patient is not able to do it own.

Non-medical masks (Homemade masks)  and face covering

Non-medical masks are those masks which are made of cotton material these are called homemade masks too. Some people call it face covering. These are used to cover mouth and nose. These are different from medical masks. These are helpful to protect a person when it is not possible to maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.

Incubation period

Incubation period is a period between when a person is exposed to virus and appearance of symptoms and signs of disease.

PPE (Personal protective equipment)

PPE stands for Personal protective equipment; PPE helps to reduce effect of harmful material that cause injury or illness. PPE includes suits, gloves, eyewear etc.

Community spread: Community spread means the spread of contagious disease in a geographic area means within a community.

Social distancing: This word has also come in trend during covid-19 spread. Social distancing is also called physical distancing that means keeping space between yourself and other people when you go out of your home.

Lockdown and curfew:  A state of emergency when people are restricted from some areas as a security measure.  People are not permitted to enter or leave a building or area freely.  Curfew is a rule when every person must stay at home between specific times.

BiPap machine

BiPap machine is  like a ventilator that some hospitals are using to help COVID-19 patients breathe.

Novel coronavirus: Novel means New Coronavirus means Coronavirus.

Self-isolation: Self-isolation means separating oneself from other people. As we all know that Covid-19 is an infectious disease so this measure is taken.

Self-quarantine: Self-Quarantine is an act of protection under which a person stops to contact with other people for a particular time. Mostly during covid-19, the time is fixed at least 2 weeks; it is the time when symptoms of covid-19 appear properly.