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Corona Virus has become more dangerous-Be Cautious & Prevent it!!

Corona (covid-19) has entered in its second phase in the world Whereas India has made two vaccines to prevent it, but outbreak is continuous. In the first phase of corona virus, all countries were affected with it:

Millions of people were suffered with covid-19.

In the bud of the year, we were listening some relief news, but from March 2021, this epidemic has comeback fiercely. Let us watch some tips to be away from its trap.

  • Maintain at least 2 yards gap it means follow social distancing.
  • Always wear mask while going outside the home.
  • Sanitize your hands frequently.
  • People are taking some home remedies. There is a great power in Ayurveda to cure every disease. We can fight with covid-19 following it. You can find many recipes and syrups online that you can make at your home. These may help you to keep a bay from this dangerous condition.
  • Don’t go outside unnecessarily.
  • Avoid to go crowded places.
  • Keep sanitizer and mask with you while moving outside.
  • Drink warm water if you feel caugh and cold.
  • Gargle with salty lukewarm water.
  • Steam inhalation is helpful to kill virus and to give relief & open the nasal passage. It prevents mucus to collect there and mucus runs in water condition out of nose.

As per reports, Corona Virus affects more aged people (over 65 years) and children. This may attack severely in the people suffered with other conditions like heart attack, cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, Chronic lung disease, Asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer, dementia, HIV, liver disease & obesity.