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High PR Wiki Submission Sites List for 2019-Improve your website rank

Wiki submission is very useful from point view of SEO. If you are searching for high PR wiki websites for submission, we have list of these sites. Wiki submission is a process which helps you to enhance your site Google search rank and broad your business identity. wiki submission sites are so effective, you will experience good amount of visitors on your site.

It is one of the influential marketing techniques. It allows you to submit unique information for content syndication. This technique will help to increase traffic base to your website/blog. It is part of off page SEO. Wiki Submission sites allows you to present your content on reputed platforms. These are considered high value backlinks, which are very helpful to improve your Google search rank and attract more traffic. It will boost taffic to your website. If you are doing for a business website, your business will grow. You should always remember one thing, one quality backlink is far better than 20 low quality backlinks.  Wiki submission will increase trust of your website. Trusted websites gain trusted customers and visitors. You will experience sea change after making backlinks on wiki sites. Always follow this technique in off page SEO.

Wiki submission sites are storehouse of valuable content on internet. These are so valuable that you can search broad information from these sites. You will definitely get benefits from wiki submission. It is very ease to make backlinks on these sites. You will find it simplest process. We have tried to compile a list of Wiki Submission sites. This list will surely help you to gain backlinks for wiki sites.


Traffic is most important part of a website. Increasing  visitors to a particular website is not a small job. There is a complete process behind it. In simple words, we call that process SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO has two types Off page and on page. Means away from website, working for website is off page SEO and customizing internal parts of website to make it Google friendly is called on page SEO.

Creating backlinks for a particular sites is a part of off page seo. Backlinks are very important for a website in order to increase traffic on a website. Profile creation sites are amazingly useful in point view of SEO. It can be very helpful technique if profile websites are with high DA.  Making links on these sites will boost traffic to your website. These profile creation sites derive tons of traffic for your website. With working it, you will have a big potential to show.

If you want to show presence of your website/blog on internet, use this technique efficiently. This is very meaningful and useful way to make feel presence of your website. Profile creation will broader horizon of your website. People will engage to your website easily.  Profile creation websites that provide dofollow backlinks  are very effective. Profile creation backlinks will increase page rank of your website on Google over the time. It is considered one of the best practice in SEO especially off page SEO.

During off page SEO, we create profiles in social bookmarking, forum submission, directory submission to create backlinks for our site. These sites are helpful to improve domain authority (DA) of your sites.

Now we will discuss about process to get backlinks from profile creation sites.

How to create a profile on profile creation site?

– First of all, signup/register over a profile site. As you make id during social bookmarking (by adding id, username, email, password etc.)

– If need to verify email address, verify as following profile site rules.

– Login to your profile creation site and click on edit profile.

– add all asked details there .

– Click “save” button (given there),  if site has no option to save automatically.

-Thus you can create profile on these profile creation websites.

How to use profile site to get backlink/ for off page SEO  

  • After making profile and enter data
  • Edit profile and add other asked data
  • Don’t forget to add link of your website in website named column
  • You can add social profiles links of your website if asked there (Like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube etc.)

Adding social links of your website can enhance effectiveness of your website. Over the time with these efforts, visitor base and rank of your website/blog will improve.

Now we will try to show you a proper list of profile creation sites. You will not believe that I have also been using these techniques for SEO of my websites. We have experienced good results by using it. I am sure that profile creation will definitely improve ranking of your website and also increase traffic on your website. Don’t miss the chance to put your social profile links there, if asked in profile websites. It will increase effectiveness of your SEO.  Use proper details. Same  email, username, password is helpful to do work rapidly.  You can read my other articles to learn SEO techniques. Here is list of 200+ profile creation sites for you:

  1. www.listography.com
  2. www.grabcad.com
  3. www.gravatar.com
  4. www.groups.drupal.org
  5. www.hi.im
  6. www.hr.com
  7. www.hubpages.com
  8. www.iconosites.com
  9. www.icyte.com
  10. www.imcreator.com
  11. www.itsmyurls.com
  12. www.moz.com
  13. www.professionalontheweb.com
  14. www.quora.com
  15. www.about.me
  16. www.disqus.com
  17. www.blogcatalog.com
  18. www.bizsugar.com
  19. www.zotero.org
  20. www.ted.com
  21. www.filmsforaction.org
  22. www.flattr.com
  23. www.flipboard.com
  24. www.foodspotting.com
  25. www.forum.arduino.cc
  26. www.forums.formz.com
  27. www.foursquare.com
  28. www.freeadstime.org
  29. www.funadvice.com
  30. www.freedomworks.org
  31. www.getsatisfaction.com
  32. www.gofishtalk.com
  33. www.good.is
  34. www.goodreads.com
  35. www.panoramio.com
  36. www.zizics.com
  37. www.theloop.com.au
  38. www.amazon.com
  39. www.yatedo.com
  40. www.naymz.com
  41. www.wayn.com
  42. www.tumblr.com
  43. www.discogs.com
  44. www.dpreview.com
  45. www.dribbble.com
  46. www.dropshots.com
  47. www.dropmark.com
  48. www.easel.ly
  49. www.efactor.com
  50. www.empivot.com
  51. www.en.gravatar.com
  52. www.etsy.com
  53. www.evernote.com
  54. www.everytrail.com
  55. www.express.yudu.com
  56. www.fancy.com
  57. www.fanfiction.net
  58. www.fanpop.com
  59. www.fearsteve.com
  60. www.feedspot.com
  61.    www.pinterest.com
  62. www.openstreetmap.org
  63. www.klout.com
  64. www.30boxes.com
  65. www.disqus.com
  66. www.themeforest.net
  67. www.fiverr.com
  68. www.us.blastingnews.com
  69. www.folked.com
  70. www.colourlovers.com
  71. www.knowem.com
  72. www.myfolio.com
  73. www.plaxo.com
  74. www.github.com
  75. www.livejournal.com
  76. www.myspace.com
  77. www.dailystrength.org
  78. www.flickr.com
  79. www.branded.me
  80. www.imgfave.com
  81. www.linkedin.com
  82. www.issuu.com
  83. www.answers.com
  84. www.storify.com
  85. www.visual.ly
  86. www.crunchbase.com
  87. www.facebook.com
  88. www.stumbleupon.com
  89. www.ranker.com
  90. www.plus.google.com
  91. www.addons.mozilla.org
  92. www.myspace.com
  93. www.openstreetmap.org
  94. www.zotero.org
  95. www.last.fm
  96. www.livejournal.com
  97. www.ted.com
  98. www.soundcloud.com
  99. www.deviantart.com
  100. www.join.app.net
  101. www.getsatisfaction.com
  102. www.visual.ly
  103. www.bookcrossing.com
  104. www.orcid.org
  105. www.newsvine.com
  106. www.angel.co
  107. www.8tracks.com
  108. www.crowdspring.com
  109. www.moz.com
  110. www.fanpop.com
  111. www.yatedo.com
  112. www.bundlr.com
  113. www.bagtheweb.com
  114. www.yatedo.com
  115. www.app.hiive.co.uk
  116. www.steepster.com
  117. www.efactor.com
  118. www.yourlisten.com
  119. www.id.arduino.cc
  120. www.lightstalking.com
  121. www.artician.com
  122. www.professionalontheweb.com
  123. www.thewebblend.com
  124. www.brijj.com
  125. www.perfectbusiness.com
  126. www.profiletree.com
  127. www.completed.com
  128. www.crunchbase.com
  129. www.zizics.com
  130. www.vbprofiles.com
  131. www.docstoc.com
  132. www.premium.wpmudev.org
  133. www.plurk.com
  134. www.sbnation.com
  135. www.rhizome.org
  136. www.alpha.app.net
  137. www.flattr.com
  138. www.fodors.com
  139. www.tripit.com
  140. www.carbonmade.com
  141. www.creattica.com
  142. www.skillpages.com
  143. www.flavors.me
  144. www.magcloud.com
  145. www.stocktwits.com
  146. www.ideastap.com
  147. www.sunzu.com
  148. www.angle.co/maga-itc
  149. www.weheartit.com
  150. www.knowem.com
  151. www.mobypicture.com
  152. www.pictify.com
  153. www.artbreak.com
  154. www.listgraphy.com
  155. www.chordie.com
  156. www.gooruze.com
  157. www.tamilchat.tc
  158. www.allihoopa.com
  159. www.spreaker.com
  160. www.stocktwits.com
  161. www.ello.co
  162. www.webflow.com
  163. www.boredpanda.com
  164. www.razoo.com
  165. www.topishare.com
  166. www.lookbook.nu
  167. www.follr.me
  168. www.myvidster.com
  169. www.hq.com
  170. www.30boxes.com
  171. www.4shared.com
  172. www.500px.com
  173. www.about.me
  174. www.lambgoat.com
  175. www.thenewboston.com
  176. www.webestools.com
  177. www.nationaldb.org
  178. www.lawlink.com
  179. www.gearinstitute.com
  180. www.maxforlive.com
  181. www.armorgames.com
  182. www.arto.com
  183. www.intensedebate.com
  184. www.n4g.com
  185. www.wanelo.com
  186. www.apsense.com
  187. www.authorstream.com
  188. www.getsatisfaction.com
  189. www.issuu.com
  190. www.vimeo.com
  191. www.behance.net
  192. www.couchsurfing.com
  193. www.diigo.com/profile
  194. www.wattpad.com
  195. www.zillow.com
  196. www.folkd.com
  197. www.instructables.com
  198. www.kiva.org
  199. www.koinup.com
  200. www.purevolume.com
  201. www.slideshare.net
  202. www.audioboom.com
  203. www.delicious.com
  204. www.disqus.com
  205. www.culinate.com/
  206. www.dailymotion.com/
  207. www.yourstory.com
  208. www.dead.net
  209. www.pentaxuser.com
  210. www.kiwibox.com
  211. www.buzzfeed.com
  212. www.notey.com
  213. www.storify.com
  214. www.neighborgoods.net
  215. www.unsigned.com
  216. www.bandcamp.com
  217. www.photopeach.com
  218. www.visualy.ly
  219. www.theverge.com
  220. www.dropshots.com
  221. www.academia.edu
  222. www.alternion.com
  223. www.answerbag.com
  224. www.appearoo.com
  225. www.dailystrength.org