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Some Useful Functions on the Remote Control

In this post, we will discuss about different functions of air conditioner remote control. Earlier, we explained about various modes available on the ac remote. Now we have other functions that are very beneficial and useful for a user. These help to gain suitable temperature and cool.

Fan Function

Imagine what is role of fan in an air conditioner. Compressor is to generate cooling but fan has its great role to throw the cool air/hot air in the place. You can adjust the speed of fan as per need; Auto/Low/Medium/High.


You will find one button named Time/Clock on your remote control. This function allows you to adjust the operating time of air conditioner. It saves energy and bills in this way. An air conditioner remote has 24 hour clock inside. You need to set the time before using the timer on/off functions. Modern ac has inbuilt time functions.


Swing function allows you to enjoy the air in all directions. These help to adjust the blow of air in desired direction.


There are different names of the same functions in different air conditioner remote control. Display/light functions highlight on the internal ac unit while turn on it. It is like screen of ac where you can find the current mode, temperature, timer and other features what are in use presently. You can on/off light/display by pressing this button.

Temperature only display: Such a display only shows the current room temperature. These kinds of remotes are now going out of favor, and would only be found on older models. It’s more convenient to view each and every setting right on the display.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode gives you control to automatically regulate air surrounding you at night. It rises the temperature by 0.5 to 1 degree after each hour; maximum it enhance temperature by +3 degree; you need not to watch about it.


Conventional AC units had timers that you can set to on/off on desired times. Modern air conditioner units have delay timer that allows you to set counting of hours before the unit is started or stopped.


The Ionizer is used to provide dust and contamination free fresh air. Currently, it is a basic feature in a ac unit.

Blow Function

Blow /Clean mode is a mode where indoor blower of ac runs for a few minutes even after ac is off. This mode lets the indoor coil dry and stops the dust or mold formation.





Convert Your Excel Spreadsheet to PDF : Websites

Microsoft Excel software is part of MS-office. Mostly people use Excel to keep numbers and numerical details like calculations, account details etc. You have many cells (intersection of rows and columns) have inbuilt formulas functions that help you to calculate within second by applying those. You can easily multiply, sum, deduction, divide and many functions by applying a formula. You can apply formula on all cells where you want to. It is packed with many features.

When you have an Excel file, you want to convert it into PDF file. You may think to use good Excel to Pdf converter. We have come with some good Excel to PDF converter online websites. These all online tools allow you to convert your files into PDF within seconds. As per policies of these online tools, these tools also care privacy of your files. Most of them delete you files within a few our after conversion. So without delay, we are starting to share links of some online tools to convert Excel files into PDF files.


Note: We have just searched these online tools through We can’t assure you any accuracy or safety of these websites. But these are among top website searched in Google in conversion from Excel to PDF.