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Top 7 Power Banks that charge you devices quickly!

Buying an efficient battery power bank is not an easy job. I am sure if you trust on someone and you buy a power bank or portable charger, you may be in loss. You need to give extra attention while buying such gadgets. It is my experience.

The power bank helps you to charge your phone while travelling somewhere outside; especially where you can’t put your charger into electricity socket. We have collected some reasonable budget power banks that will fulfill your requirements. These will definitely suit your budget and needs.

While buying your power bank, keep some things in mind

-Fast charging


-Capacity of power bank

-output voltage matching with your phone

-buy at least double powered bank of your phone battery capacity

-Focus on Quality

-Give priority to safety

-Better connectivity

-Prefer LED screen battery bank

-Prefer branded power bank if possible

Normally, people think this concept in mind that bigger the power bank having more capacity. The capacity of power bank is measured in mAh (means milliampere hour). It shows capacity of power stored in a bank. If you have a phone with 4000 mAh battery and you buy 8000 mAh power bank; you can charge your phone 2 times.

We have compiled a list of best power banks while considering capacity, structure and ports. Read specifications to match your needs.

  1. Philips 11000 mAh Power Bank (DLP6006_97)

This is one of the best power banks made by Phillips. With 3 ports, you can charge 3 devices at a time. Stunning 11000 mAh capacity is enough to charge your phone while travelling. Battery bank has ravishing LED screen and a torch light. It allows micro USB cable.  Philips products mostly give value for your spent money.

  1. Ubon 10000 mAh Power Bank 

UBON has launched first ever wireless power bank PB-10070 Battery Capacity 10000mAh along with a shared coil for Qi 2.0A output using WPC. The slim and smooth design gives you a strong grip to avoid slips. Made with superior plastic, the power bank has attractive body. LED indicator shows energy levels. With 2 ports, you can charge two devices simultaneously.

  1. Portronics 20000 mAh Power Bank 

The power bank comes with exceptional 20000mAh capacity and it is made with lithium polymer cells. There is a single micro USB input, that can provide charge of DC 5v – 2A with fast charging 2.0A single USB port can provide DC 5V-2A output. It gives safety from short circuits and current. The power bank allows you to charge mobiles, tablets, and camera and mp3 players.

  1. Czar 10000 mAh Power Bank 

 CZAR Matrix Li-Po POWER Bank 10000 is a superb battery charger with Slim body Power Bank By CZAR. It comes with one Year Manufacturer warranty for any manufacturing defect or issue. The device is compatible with all Apple and Android phones, tablets and other USB charged devices.

  1. Brumal 10000 mAh Power Bank 

The power bank is made in India; Brumal 10000mAH is portable charger universal fast battery power bank for all smartphones. The power bank comes with 12 months manufacture warranty. You can charge your smartphones with this power bank easily anywhere. The power bank has 2 USB ports. The company has easy after sale customer support too.


6. Coolnut 31200 mAh Power Bank

The fantastic power bank comes with easily and convenient charging facility. Stunning 31200mAh capacity allows you to charge laptops too. It allows you to charge smartphone, tabs and laptops. Coolnut ultra high capacity 31200mAh laptop power bank ensures to keep your devices powered all time.

  1. Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

Mi brand is well established and known brand in India. All Mi products are widely used and like by Indians. Mi power bank is also highly appreciated by the buyers. Alone on Amazon more than 70k rating average 4.0 shows its quality performance.  20000mAh power bank make it more durable charging efficiency. You can charge your smartphones, tabs, BT speakers and earphones. The device comes with 18W fast charging. Its 9 layers of protections ensures safety against short circuits, over-voltage and over-charge.


How to transfer data from iPhone to an Android Phone

Suppose you are using an iPhone. When you are fed up with single phone for long time. You choose to buy an Android phone due to some reasons. The reasons may be related with apps, uses or whatever. Before embark your journey, just look back on the accessories of iPhone, this can’t be used with Android phone in any way.

You may face one problem to transfer contacts, calendar, documents, mail and other data to Android phones. But don’t worry, you may baffle from moving data from one operating system to another.

But don’t worry, it is very easy process. You will not feel any headache while following steps in Triople. Changing operating systems does not make the syncing job tough. If you have not Gmail account, first make it first.

First on your iPhone Go to Settings>iCloud>turn on contacts

Ensure that your contacts are back up on iCloud.

next follow these steps :

Accounts>tap on your Gmail Account (if it is not already there then add account and follow steps). then confirm the contacts are turned on; this will sync your contacts between your iPhone and Google account. follow the instructions given above.

Second method

Steps to download a .vcf file of your contacts

  1. Open Settings app in you iPhone and then your profile at the top.
  2. Tap iCloud and toggle on Contacts. Your contacts will upload to Apple’s cloud services soon.
  3. open in a browser and use your Apple ID to log in.
  4. Select Contacts and click on the gear icon from lower left corner
  5. Click Select all.
  6. Click the gear again and select Export vCard. When the .vcf file downloads, you can import that file in both way to your Google Contacts or directly to your phone.

Steps to import contacts into Google Contacts

  1. Go to and click Import, and then go back to old contacts.
  2. Tap More button and select Import.
  3. Select the file and you have finished.

Steps to import contacts into an Android phone

  1. Transfer the .vcf file into your phone using any methods such as transferring method (via a microSD card or via PC to phone).
  2. Open your Phone app and tap the menu button.
  3. Find Import/export option.
  4. Select the file.