What is an Instagram Shoutout and How to give a shoutout to other on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps. As per June 2018, monthly visitors of Instagram were over 1 billion. Instagram has become more than a social networking site; it has emerged as an important business platform for various business owners. So users are increasing day by day.

Now the question arises in mind, what is a shoutout and how to give someone a shoutout?


Shoutout is a profile page screenshot of other user that you upload to your Instagram account to show support and help to others. It is a co promotion and it is very popular on Instagram. It also gives an effective exposure to others. Shoutout is very useful technique to improve number of followers for others account. It is a kind of an advertisement for business. Shouting other may prove good work for you, as you may get shoutouts in return. This will increase you followers. It is best way to promote each other.

I hope you all know to take screenshot from your phone. Instagram is an app; you need to access your Instagram account from your phone. This will be more convenient for you to post screenshot in no time.

How to upload a shoutout to Instagram?

Login in your Instagram id on your device and visit user’s profile where from you want to take screenshot. Capture screenshot of that profile. Now return back to your own id. Now tap the camera button and choose library to upload the screenshot. Crop it well to show and shape it in square. Cut extra information there. Now Post it and write required explanation to support the profile. This will show on your Instagram page.

How is it effective ?

This procedure really works. If you are Instagrammer and you want to improve presence of your Insta profile, try it.  This technique will be very helpful to you. Shoutout exchange has become a fashion of the day. You will enjoy boost in your followers.  Your followers will definitely increase. You can buy and sell shoutouts on Instagram too.

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