KrutiDev To Unicode And Unicode To KrutiDev Converter Tools Online

Nowadays use of Indian languages is grown. Everyone want to use regional languages on their smarphones. Technology has simplified the functions of typing Hindi text (Devnagari Script). Unicode Hindi is typed by millions of people in form of text  and chat messages regular basis. So Hindi is used widely by people on PC and smarphones. Hindi Unicode is universal font that does not need support of any internal or external device or program to watch and read. Unicode Hindi text is very popular on the web.

KrutiDev (Devanagari: कृतिदेव); it is also known as KritiDev (क्रतिदेव) or Krutidev, is a legacy Devanagari font which has become very famous and popular in printing and on the web. Kruti Dev Font typing is usually learnt by professional and advanced Hindi typists who want to enhance their skills by learning typing on computer. Krutidev font is a free font series. You can download font from web by using this link: Download KrutiDev Font

If you have KrutiDev typed content and you want to upload or put it on the web; you can simply convert it into Unicode with use of any tools given in list here. Unicode is a simplest form of Devnagari Hindi font that can be read by anyone on any device without need of any special device/software. Converted text into Unicode font can be used anywhere. Like you may add a post in Hindi on a social networking website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.).

Now we come to the point, If you have Unicode font writing and you want to convert that into KrutiDev Font then what will you do? Will you retype the text; that is common option but hardworking in case of big volume. We can’t avoid such option if your file has not editable format like PDF or image. If your file is in Word, text form then we have easy and time saving alternates. There are various tools that convert Unicode font (Mangal Font)  to KrutiDev Font with in no time.

Let’s discuss about those online conversion tools for it.  With the help of these tools you can convert Unicode font into KrutiDev and vice versa. I hope that will be very useful for you and save and utilize your time and efforts. Following is list of converter tools, you can use any of these for your conversion purpose.

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