What is Google Adsense Program and Why It is better than other ad network?

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ad program operated by Google. Goolge started its program in 2003. Through this program Google allows the people to advertise their content, text, products and services on other platforms. Ads may be in form of banners, images and videos. On the other hand, Google gives opportunities to website/blog owners to place ads on their websites/blogs.  Google pays the website owners for ad placement on their websites as per its ad policy.  Google ads are content specific; it means the ads are relevant to the topic that you are reading. This is extraordinary feature of Google ads. Undoubtedly, Google ads are very helpful to the readers if they are facing challenges to find suitable matter.

Why should you choose Google Adsense?

Google adsense is considered one of the best monetization programs that render wide scope and extensive ad customer base for websites. It also may become a good source of income, if you have a website or a blog with good amount of daily visitors.  I have used Google Adsense program for five years. I earned good money from it.   When we talk about earning from blogging, Google Adsense gives you peaceful life with handsome earnings. There are several ad networks available for bloggers like Media.net, propeller ads, Popads, infolinks, Adsterra etc. Google is above all and we can’t compare this program with others ad networks. This is unique ad program because of recognized brand Google operates it. We feel tension free about payment. Google pays in time.

Google Adsense was a referral program in the beginning. The prime benefit of the Google Adsense program is its legitimacy. It is trustworthy adsense program. Google is itself another name of trust.

Adsense offers the simplest method to earn for bloggers.  How it works, it is easiest to know. First of all, a blogger applies for Google Adsense. When Google Adsense approves your account for ads, you need to add a code in your website page or you can use Adsense plugin for your WP website. Google Adsense will begin to show ads.

You can take good advantage of ads if your site drives good traffic. You will earn more if your blog/site has good traffic. When a visitor clicks on ads, you will make money. It can give you good earning, if your website domain is old and attracting good visitor and if you have good content on your website. Never compromise with quality while writing content for your website. Even you write single article/post in a day but it should have weight and power to engage visitors. Google Adsense is a contextual ad network; ads will be shown as per your content. Google Adsense uses another method by using cookies means based on history of search.

Google Adsense tries to ensure that readers see relevant ads to their current reading content. Increase in ads clicks will increase your earning. Remember, clicks should be original not fake. If you intentionally click or arrange clicks on your ads, Google Adsense may penalize you. It leads to block your adsense account.

Why Google Adsense is better than other ad networks?

There are several supporting points that show Google Adsense is far better than other ads networks. These all display unique and superb qualities of Google Adsense.  Let’s discuss:

Comfortable to use  :

Once your adsense account is approved, you can show ads on your website with a few clicks to put code at relevant place or installing adsense plugin.

Single Adsense Account for all sites

Unlike other ad networks, Adsense allow you to put ads on your all sites after approval of your adsense account. You need not to make multiple adsense account for your multiple sites. Ensure your site comply adsense terms and conditions.

Earning is secure:

Various ad networks may confuse you with their payment policies and withdrawal threshold.  Google Adsense clears you in terms about payment system. You need not to worry about payment after cross minium payout amount in your adsense account. You will rarely face any issue regarding payment here. The terms and condition of adsense program are transparent and crystal clear.

Highly Rated Program :

Google Adsense is most trusted and highly rated and most recognized program. You need to work hard to approve your adsense account. Google Adsense has very strict policies; it does not approve blogs or website easily. Google checks quality of content and many parameters while approves ad account.

Certainly, Google Adsense is the best ads program in the world. You can earn regular income from ads. It may open the doors of your side business or full time online business. The quality of ads will never hamper the quality of your content. But you will see relevant ads most of time. Ensure that you follow Google Adsense terms strictly. Keep in mind; if once Google disapproves your adsense account, you may face many problems to regain approval.



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