Make your Gmail Work Super easy with these Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail is probably the most popular free emailing service. It was developed by Google. Million people are using this mail service. Shortcut is the way to save time and energy. You need not to follow complete process. You just press 2-3 buttons and desired action places. The interesting fact behind it is to remain free from use of mouse.  You can do many Gmail functions through keyboard only. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts are very useful to save time and energy. In this post, we will share Gmail keyboard shortcuts that help to do various functions.

Before start it, you need to keyboard shortcuts on from setting. Read our post “Easy Steps to Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts ” to know the procedure to enable keyboard shortcut function.

Here are Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • To compose new email = c
  • To search email = /
  • To open task= g+k
  • Mark selected email as important:  =
  • To reply an email: r
  • To reply all: a
  • To forward an email: f
  • To send selected message into Archive: e
  • Shortcut to reach at newer email: k
  • Reach to previous email: j
  • Reach at next message in email thread: n
  • Reach at previous message in email thread: p
  • To mute the conversation: m
  • Jump to inbox view: u

Shortcuts with Ctrl Key

  • insert link: ctrl+k
  • bold: ctrl+b
  • Italic: ctrl+i
  • underline: ctrl+u
  • send email: ctrl+enter
  • Undo: ctrl+z
  • Redo: ctrl+y
  • Spelling suggestions: ctrl+m
  • Indent less: ctrl + [ :
  • Indent more: ctrl + ] :

Shortcuts with shift key

  • Gmail keyboard shortcut help= Shift +?
  • To select series of message= Shift
  • Add a conversation to tasks: Shift + t
  • To mark current message unread: shift+u
  • To move opened email into Trash: shift+3

Shortcuts with Ctrl+shift Keys

  • Previous font shortcut: ctrl+shift+5
  • Next font:  ctrl+shift+6
  • Shortcut to insert number list: ctrl+shift+7
  • To add Cc recipients: ctrl+shift+c
  • Shortcut to insert bullet points: ctrl+shift+8
  • Quote: ctrl+shift+6
  • To add Bcc recipients: ctrl+shift+b
  • To discard draft: ctrl+shift+d
  • Decrease text size: ctrl + Shift + – :
  • Increase text size: ctrl+ shift + + :


  • Left alignment : ctrl+shift+l
  • Right alignment: ctrl+shift+r
  • center alignment : ctrl+shift+e
  • right to left : ctrl+shift+ , :
  • left to right: ctrl+shift+ . :


  • strike through: alt+ctrl+5

Kindly reply in comments, if any shortcut is not found in this list; we will definitely add them in our list here. To know about Twitter keyboard shortcuts, click on this link: Twitter keyboard shortcuts. To know WordPress shortcuts click here: WordPress shortcut keys on keyboard.To know about Facebook keyboard shortcuts, click on this link: Facebook keyboard shortcuts.

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