60+WordPress Keyboard shortcuts to enhance your proficiency

Do you want to save time while writing a post on WordPress? Almost all of you use combination of keyboard and mouse to write and publish an article in your WordPress blog/website. But you know that you can do all things with your keyboard only. You can save your time and energy with keyboard shortcuts. In your WordPress visual editor, you can do all jobs till publishing your post with keyboard only. There are some shortcuts that will definitely help to save your time and efforts. You need not to use your mouse to work after knowing all these.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts you use often in your daily chores like control+c (copy), Control+x (cut), Control+v (paste) and control+k (add hyperlink). These are also very useful in WordPress visual editor. I hope that you will definitely use these other shortcuts to increase your working efficiency in WordPress. Here is a list of WordPress 60+Keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl keyboard shortcuts 

Ctrl + c – To Copy content

Ctrl + v – To Paste content

Ctrl + x – To Cut content

Ctrl + z – Undo

Ctrl + a  – to select all

Ctrl + y – Redo

Ctrl + p – to Print content

Ctrl +b – bold

Ctrl + i – Italics

Ctrl + u –  Underline

Ctrl + k – to insert a link


Keyboard shortcuts with Ctrl & shift

Ctrl + Shift + Right – select a word to the right

Ctrl + Shift +Left-select one word to the left

Shift + Home – select the all text of a current line

Shift + Left – select a letter to the right side

Shift+Right- select a letter to right side

Ctrl + Shift + Up – select a line upside

Ctrl + Shift + Down – select one line downside

Shift + End – select the all text of a current line till end

shift+Enter- Move done one line below


Keyboard shortcuts with Alt, ctrl & shift

Ctrl + Shift + v -Paste the chosen text without formatting

Alt + Shift + a – second shortcut to insert a link

Alt + Shift + c – Align center

Alt + Shift + d –  strike through

Alt + Shift +h- For help

Alt + Shift + j – Justify

Alt + Shift + l – Align left

Alt + Shift + m – open media to upload media files or access media gallery

Alt + Shift + o – Starts an ordered list

Alt + Shift +p- for page break

Alt + Shift + q – Creates a quote

Alt + Shift +r – Align right

Alt + Shift + s – Removes a link

Alt + Shift +t – Insert more tags

Alt + Shift + u –  to add number list

Alt + Shift + w – Full screen

Alt + Shift +x- To add/remove tags

Alt + Shift + Z – spread the editor formatting bar

Alt + Shift+1 to 6

Alt + Shift+1- heading 1

Alt + Shift+2- heading 2

Alt + Shift+3-heading 3

Alt + Shift+4-heading 4

Alt + Shift+5-heading 5

Alt + Shift+6- heading 6

Alt + Shift+7- Paragraph

Kindly reply in comments, if any shortcut is not found in this list; we will definitely add them in our list here. To know about Twitter keyboard shortcuts, click on this link: Twitter keyboard shortcuts. In the same way, you can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to reduce your emailing work tension, visit here:  Gmail keyboard shortcuts. To know about Facebook keyboard shortcuts, click on this link: Facebook keyboard shortcuts.


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