7 Best and Free Animation Video Maker Apps for Android and ios

1. Toontasitc 3D

Toontastic 3D is one of the popular and best animation app. It is developed by technology giant Google. It is made for both platforms Android and ios. You can draw and animate your cartoons without more efforts on your phone. It is extremely easy to use. You can make your cartoon videos within a few clicks. It allows you to record your voice and create 3D video. You can store video on your device. There are powerful 3D drawing tools in app. There are 3 story arcs (Short Story, Classic and Science Report) for digital storytelling. You can export your videos to your gallery and share with your friends. So create funny and playful stories with Toontastics 3D.

Installation: 1 Million +

Average Rating: 4.5


2. Animation Desk

Animation desk is among best animation apps for Android and ios. It allows you to create animation and cartoons upon videos. With more than 40 brushes app allows you to make unique creativity. You can save your videos in gallery on your devices.

Installation: over 5 Lac

Average Rating: 3.7


3. I can Animate

Are you looking for slow motion app, I can Animate is perfect solution for your requirement. This is available for both Android and ios users. The app is easy to create animations and it is free to use. You can choose purchase option to enjoy more features of the app. There are all basic editing options in app like copy paste, edit, delete, undo etc.

Installation: over 1 Lac

Average Rating: 3.9


4. Flipclip

One of the popular apps for animation, Flipclip is developed by Visual Blasters. It allows you to create your professional and creative cartoons. It is very interesting and easy to use app. You can create your own cartoons on this app. There are animation timeline, drawing and editing tools. It allows you to share your videos Faceboo, Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr.

Installation: over 10 Million

Average Rating: 4.4


5. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is a very popular video maker and GIF maker app. This is available for both Android and iphone users. You can show your creativity by creating cartoons and animation videos. You will feel a good skillful while showing your cartoon videos. It allows you to capture images. You can create beautiful videos with those pics. Some elegant features are frame to frame animations, animated stickers, animation timeline. You can insert, copy your frames. There are advancing drawing and sketching tools in app. The good thing is that it is completely free app. You can enjoy all features without thinking its limitations. It allows you to use multi-layers for complex animations. It gives you control over speed and length of videos. You can record for your videos. You can create you personal Emoji with Emoji me option. You can save your video as GIF and share on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Installation: over 50 Lac

Average Rating: 4.1


6. Animoto

Animoto is a famous app to make fun videos with photos and video clips. It is also available for Android and ios users. It is a slideshow maker app. You can keep your family moments and memories in videos. Choose photos from phone gallery and add music and make amazing animation videos. There is a good lineup of various slideshow styles to choose. You can use these styles in your videos. There are hundred songs in the library to use. You can conveniently send and share your videos via email, message,  Facebook and Twitter.

Installation: over 50 Lac

Average Rating: 4.3


7. GIFMob

GIFMob is a good animation app developed by Photo3DLab. It is for both Android and ios smartphones. You can create animation in easy user interface. You can create stop motion animated GIF with multiple pictures.  You have also got freedom  to make MP4 videos. You can enjoy live preview stop motion. You can enjoy your stop motion videos and also fill fun in your friends ‘s life by sharing these. App is with free and buy options. In paid version, there will be more features. It allows you to save videos in MP4 format. App has contained a camera to capture pictures.

Installation: over 5 Lac

Average Rating: 3.8


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