What is Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Program)?

Many of us heard this word often, But still we have not clear view about Affiliate marketing. What Affiliate marketing is? In triople.com, I will clear its simple definition and its monetary benefits to the person who use it. Affiliate marketing is growing day by day.

In simple words, Affiliate marketing means referring services or products of companies to expected customers and generate sales and get commission in return of this process. This commission may varies from little amount to thousands rupees. There is big scope of Affiliate marketing in this era. It is a process. Many people are earning lac of rupees with Affiliate marketing. In this process, there are 3 steps:


  1. Affiliate Website [You, me or someone]
  2. Affiliate Links (referral to advertiser’s website)
  3. Buyers (who buy the recommended products or services )

Is Affiliate marketing is Easy to do?

who miss the chance of earning money? Everyone likes to get more and more money. But Affiliate marketing is not so simple as it looks. Because selling any product through recommendation is not an easy job. If you are selling through your website; you should know many factors affect Affiliate marketing. These are followings:

  • Number of visitors on your website
  • Relevant products and services on your website
  • Convincing a reader to buy product with niche contents 

Expectancy ratio of buyers is very little among thousands. Not every reader can be a buyer. Among thousand, 1-2 [it may be more than it also] buy the product, if they find useful for them. So Affiliate marketing is not so easy as it seems. But you should concentrate on quality products and quality content to attract more traffic. Always choose quality products and services for recommendation. It is risk of loosing readers with Affiliate marketing. It is challenge to find quality products for readers. If your reader buys any product which has low quality, you will lose your trust, your reader will never come back. So be careful and specific about Affiliate marketing. Think carefully, apply Affiliate marketing then. 

For example: You write a post on beard trimmers,  If your reader buy bad quality beard trimmer. He will start hating your website. It might cause lose of readers and reputation to website. 

Some topics might have no relevancy with Affiliate marketing products. This can’t work on all blog websites. Some blogs have no relevant topics to attract to buy products. Some blogs may have readers with no intention to buy the products. 

Affiliate marketing is not quick job. It needs patience and wait. Continue to write niche contents to attract more audiences on your website. If some of them like products & Services, they will automatically buy.

Names of some Advertisers websites for Affiliate marketing

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